Biden’s Doom-and-Gloom Omicron Speech Falls Short

One has to ask themselves why not a single Democrat is willing to publicize the existence of groundbreaking medical treatments beyond vaccination, which are widely available to most Americans and offer an alternative to multiple rounds of shots.

The unwillingness of Joe Biden or any other liberal to mention one of the wide array of COVID treatments is proof positive their goal is not to end a public health crisis, but see to it that it continues knowing full-well large swaths of the population will refuse the shot.

We saw how Ivermectin was maligned in the press; liberal CNN audiences actually believed it’s horse medicine.

Joe Biden’s latest address about the rise in Omicron cases is no different…

On Tuesday, Joe Biden sounded the alarm about the rise in coronavirus cases but made no mention of existing or future treatments for the virus.

“The answer is straightforward: If you are not fully vaccinated, you have good reason to be concerned,” Biden said.

The cognitively deficient president repeatedly urged Americans to get vaccinated and a third booster shot to protect them from severe illness and death.

But Biden did not mention other therapies for the virus, including monoclonal antibodies or new antiviral pills the federal government has already purchased and are awaiting authorization by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Biden administration is expected to take 4 million treatments for coronavirus at the end of January.

Approval for some of antiviral pills from Pfizer and Merck have just been approved by the FDA, signaling hope for reducing coronavirus deaths in the new year, even among the unvaccinated.

It goes without saying why Biden made no mention of the alternative treatments for coronavirus, instead focusing only on the vaccines.

Because it’s about control, not public health.

The president has previously touted the treatments as positive news.

On December 2, he said in a speech the antiviral pills were “on the horizon that could help prevent hospitalizations and death.”

“We’ve secured enough supply of these pills already. And early indications are that these treatments will remain effective in the face of Omicron,” he said.

The existence of monoclonal antibody treatments should be recommended widely just as the vaccine is. The antibody treatments (as well as natural immunity) reduces the risk (by 70%) that an infected person will become hospitalized.

But liberals have gone radio silent on this medical breakthrough.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney