Biden’s DOJ Is Desperate To Stop Trump’s Big Tech Takedown

Joe Biden and his administration of radical whack jobs are doing unprecedented experiments testing just how far they can push their blatant overreach into the lives of private Americans, including Former President Donald Trump.

As each day passes it becomes abundantly clear that the Biden administration will stop at nothing to transform the way Americans go about their business, whatever that may be. Constant stories of federal overreach, including into American’s private bank accounts, have put the cherry on the cake given the liberal impulse to heavily restrict citizens during a so-called pandemic.

‘Citizens’ is a noteworthy distinction to make because as it stands illegal aliens have more rights than actual Americans these days. They aren’t subjected to forced vaccinations or constant medical testing. They can saunter into the country without one piece of documentation, chose their destination, and the Biden administration will provide them with a free ticket on a chartered plane.

They also will be celebrated, admired and worshiped by liberals and propagandist media.

Unlike Donald Trump, who’s every move is scrutinized in every direction by Deep State, Big Tech, Mainstream Media and even his former associates looking to cash in.

Trump’s ability to post on social media was stripped from him following the Capitol protests of Jan. 6, a move he argues is a violation of his free speech. As a result, the Former President filed a class action lawsuit earlier this year to combat the growing injustice not only against him, but thousands upon thousands of online conservatives who face undue censorship on Big Tech platforms.

Besides the America First policies he ushered in, Donald Trump gave Americans the gift of transparency; he exposed Big Tech and Fake News for all they were; he showed us how the sausage is made.

As a result, most of us can clearly see the evil lurking behind giant media corporations and tech firms in New York City and Silicon Valley.

But now his case is being threatened.

Biden’s Department of Justice has intervened in Donald Trump’s class action lawsuit against Big Tech for suspending his social media accounts to defend the constitutionality of Section 230.

On Monday, court filings were posted which reveal the DOJ is arguing it has an “unconditional right to intervene to defend” the internet communications law as always allowed in cases where a statute’s constitutionality is at issue.

You can read the court filings here.

Section 230 is a subsection of the 1996 Communications and Decency Act which holds that websites are not liable for the content posted to their platforms.

But it’s also become the focus of more stringent scrutiny in recent years, with conservative activists and politicians asserting Section 230 unfairly shields social media platforms from culpability in cases when they moderate content — and has led to muffling — or censoring — conservative voices.

On the campaign trail, Biden supported revoking Section 230 but has since argued a new framework is needed for online content.

Big Tech companies are desperate to uphold 230 as it removes all liability for user content, but also allows them to regulate speech despite their growing influence as a public utility.

If allowed to proceed, Biden’s Justice Department will have interfered in private litigation the likes of which America has never before seen.

It’s a frightening reality that every American must pay close attention to.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth