Biden’s CDC Gets Rocked by Controversy–Slammed by Inconsistent Direction

I think it’s safe to say that if you’re reading this, you’re not the biggest fan of the CDC. The “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” has taken center stage ever since 2020. When the pandemic hit, the media propped up this agency of beauracrats for guidance over COVID-19. And since then, the agency has lurched from one extreme to another, providing cloudy guidance and direction.

That didn’t get any better when Biden took over. His administration, from snout to tail, is comprised of political hacks and incompetent schills. They seem unable to get the most basic task done, like opening up a vital shipping port. Why would anything think his CDC could handle something as complicated and fraught with problems as the pandemic?

And guess what? Biden’s CDC is going down the tubes with him.

The CDC is coming under some heavy criticism for a few issues. First, it is facing criticism over its guidance on school masking. While the CDC has been fairly quick to make many recommendations throughout the pandemic, their reluctance to update masking and school guidance is sparking criticism. Governors and school districts across the country are relaxing their rules, but the CDC hasn’t moved yet.

Perhaps the most significant issue the agency is facing, however, is the CDC’s transparency with their own data…

The Times reported this week that while the CDC has gathered data for COVID-19 hospitalization in the U.S. for over a year – and categorized it by race, vaccination status, and age – it hasn’t publicized most of that data. They’ve also not educated the public in general on key questions, which has led to a lot of confusion. [Source: Daily Wire]

Since the start of the COVID panic, Americans have looked to the CDC for updated guidance. Yet major aspects of their guidance have not been updated in two years. And on top of that, the agency is getting reamed for refusing to release vital health statistics, like who is being hospitalized for the disease.

This is pretty bad since the CDC is supposed to be offering direction to doctors, hospitals, and the general public. For this group to be hiding data, it makes it harder for everyone else to know what to do.

But some seem to believe it is politics that are causing the CDC to mask what it knows. If they really cared about simply helping people protect themselves from COVID, then they should be as transparent as possible. But what if the new data suggests COVID isn’t as bad as some think? Or that the numbers are getting much, much better?

The CDC, a group that answers to corrupt Joe Biden, might be deliberately hiding the data. All to keep some Americans in a state of panic.

We know that Biden keeps blaming COVID for his administration’s failures. Instead of owning up for his bad leadership, lack of planning, and idiotic policies, he claims it’s all COVID’s fault. But if data comes out to contradict his claims, then he’s worse off than he is right now.

Is that really why the CDC is hiding data? Maybe. Or maybe, they are just very bad at their jobs.

Author: Kit Fargo