Biden’s ‘Catch And Release’ Scheme Brings America To Its Knees

A senior-level source with U.S.Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is blowing the cover on the Biden administration’s radical use of Catch-and-Release on the southern border. Biden’s plan completely upends how illegal immigrants are processed in America. Border patrol agents have been ordered to quickly release illegals after apprehension without notifying immigration courts or issuing a Notice to Appear.  

“This is insane, it is just another way to overwhelm us,” a CBP official said anonymously. Border officials have been given orders of silence and are barred from speaking with reporters about the border crisis. 

He added, “We will never find these illegal aliens once they’ve been released. Biden is creating an entirely new class of illegal immigrants that we will have to deal with years from now.”  

Without a Notice To Appear, the document that begins the deportation process, illegal immigrants are essentially free to roam the U.S. unencumbered.  

Biden’s new plan relies on migrants to tell officials what city they’ll be traveling to. Beyond that, not many measures are taken to track illegals currently crossing the border. Once a small arrest report is completed, along with criminal background checks, border officials have been ordered to release the migrants no questions asked. The migrant is subsequently expected to place themselves in formal deportation proceedings by reporting to the nearest immigration office. 

Without a Notice to Appear, illegal migrants are never officially placed in the immigration court system, giving them free reign to travel across the America. Immigration courts cannot order the removal of the migrant in absentia since they’ve never been placed in the system per Biden’s plan. Therefore, under Biden’s new plan, migrants are permitted to illegally cross the border consequence-free.

The CBP official said Biden’s plan was instated to help manage the growing capacity issue in migrant holding facilities, but will only exacerbate the current growing crisis. 

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