Biden’s Brazen (And False) Spending Claims Jeopardize America

Spend, spend, spend.

Nothing else is on the Democrats’ mind right now as they fight desperately for a legislative and political victory for Joe Biden’s fruitless agenda. After a string of failures, Biden’s popularity and overall job approval continues to freefall at a rate never before seen.

The Democrats are so desperate, in fact, they’re all repeating the same lie about Biden’s massive spending plan.

The White House must have briefed Democrats who haven’t jumped ship on Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending agenda. The cognitively deficient president, along with leading progressive lawmakers, are parroting the false claim the bill actually cost “zero dollars.”

Obviously nothing could be farther from the truth.

The ridiculous talking points pushed by Biden and his party sycophants not only angers fiscally conservative Republicans, but are incredibly insulting to Americans. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together can clearly understand the impossibility that Biden’s trillion-dollar spending will cost nothing.

In fact, Biden’s own budget officials have estimated that his agenda would raise the national debt by nearly $1.4 trillion over ten years.

Additionally, who does Biden think will eat the costs after billionaires (those who create jobs) are suddenly saddled with a massive tax bill?

It’s the American people, that’s who!

If passed, and if Biden succeeds with exorbitantly taxing businesses both large and small, these companies will have no choice but to raise the prices of goods and services on the consumer level. This is a lesson in basic economics that the White House hopes to conceal at all costs.

It’s like handing the Democrat party a blank check that we know will bounce.

Although there is not any official text for Biden’s Build Back Better bill, the budget resolution framework (the legislative vehicle for his bill) allows up to $1.75 trillion of new borrowing that is not paid for with more taxes, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

The United States has borrowed $6 trillion in just two years to help the economy recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Even the Mainstream Media is mocking Biden’s “zero dollars” talking point used by Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates in an editorial.

“One requirement of a modern political flack is being incapable of embarrassment,” the editorial read.

Biden himself tried to sell the “zero dollars” idea on Friday after delivering a speech on COVID-19 vaccines.

“It is zero price tag on the debt. We’re paying — we’re going to pay for everything we spend,” he said.

Biden argued his bill was actually a tax cut.

“Right now, if you take a look at the — the reconciliation piece, a trillion dollars of that is tax cuts, not raising anybody’s taxes; it’s tax cuts,” he said. “People are going to be paying less taxes.”

He admitted afterward that the only people paying less in taxes would be “working-class folks.”

Biden’s Build Back Better agenda would dramatically increase tax rates on businesses and people making over $400,000 a year so the government can fund subsidized child and elder care, universal pre-K, and two years of free college.

Great, so who does Biden think creates jobs and sets prices for consumer goods and services? If business expenses increase, then isn’t it obvious that prices will increase as well?

The Democrats are incredibly clever, actually. They know Biden’s plan defies simple economic principles, but by creating a problem (like skyrocketing consumer prices) they can be the heroes to fix it.

In other words: if businesses do in fact raise their prices, a likely scenario if taxes increase, then Democrats can justify further intrusion into the economy and even make a case for the federal government setting prices.

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth