Biden’s Alliance With Pelosi Ends After He Caves To a Younger Woman’s Charms

At the height of the COVID pandemic, Trump’s CDC issued a ban on evictions. The goal was obvious. Because states were preventing Americans from working, the federal government wanted to make sure people weren’t kicked out of their homes. The measure was meant to be temporary, until businesses were able to reopen.

Guess what? Businesses have reopened. The country is getting back to work and there are ample jobs for all Americans. But the left refuses to acknowledge this. Biden tanked the recovery by extending unemployment, paying people not to work. And progressive Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad” want the eviction ban extended indefinitely.

Pelosi failed to extend it, falsely saying the CDC could (they can’t). Joe Biden also cannot extend this eviction ban—or refuses to really do anything about but. But, the coward that he is, he refuses to stand up to the likes of AOC and her harpies. So, he is begging states to step in and continue this “safety net.”

The White House told state and local governments that they have the power to prevent evictions, following the end of the eviction moratorium…

The ban on evictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic expired over the weekend, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was unable to extend it following the Supreme Court’s ruling on June 29 that said only Congress could do so through new legislation. [Source: Just the News]

The White House issued a statement calling on states to extend eviction protection to residents. What’s really shocking is that apparently, the federal government gave states $46.5 billion specifically to help renters. Where the hell did this money go? Did you get some of that cash to pay your rent? Has any state announced they were giving out free money so people wouldn’t get evicted?

Do you want to know what probably happened? The eviction moratorium prevented landlords from kicking out tenants. Because that had the weight of law, I’m sure plenty of states sat on this money. Why provide rent money when landlords can’t even evict people?

But now that the eviction ban is over, the only way states can prevent evictions is if they distribute this money to renters or landlords.

I’m sure the states kept this money secure, just for this moment. M-hm, there is no possible way this money was spent on anything else over the last year. It was probably just kept in a lockbox, under the governors’ beds or something.

The White House claims states are “too slow to act.” Or, they spent that money and the White House is now trying to throw them under the bus. Even if states did use this cash to prevent evictions, I’m sure it’s long gone by now. You don’t give free money to states and expect it to stick around for very long.

The real irony is, this entire thing isn’t needed. Just get people back to work, so they can pay their rent themselves. Stop pushing government handouts, like this is some kind of socialist regime.

Oh wait, that’s exactly what Biden wants to create…

Author: Avery Smith