Biden’s Adoration For Illegals Reaches a New Level Of Insanity

Most of us understood that Biden’s presidency would be nothing but a repudiation of his predecessor, Donald J. Trump.

Sleepy Joe’s policies are not his own: they’re an amalgamation of leftist ideals born out of global committee meetings and corporate lobbying, peppered with ‘woke’ ideology and anti-white bias.

On day one of his presidency, Biden’s handlers instructed the mentally retarded president – who was installed based on a fraudulent presidential election – to immediately begin signing executive orders either destroying or reversing key Trump-era policies that kept our border with Mexico both safe and secure.

As a result, illegal immigrants began pouring in at unprecedented rates. The United States was officially under foreign invasion from multiple Central and South American countries.

No one – actually no one – thought it would be this bad, but Biden just proved it could get much, much worse.

The Biden administration is considering paying illegal immigrant families who were separated at the border under former President Donald Trump’s policies up to $450,000 each.

The illegal immigrants filed a lawsuit claiming the federal government detention resulted in major psychological trauma. Most of the families were made up of one parent and child who could receive around $1 million in payouts, though the amount could vary by family depending on the circumstances.

And wouldn’t you know: representing the “traumatized” illegal immigrant families is none other than The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a far-left organization that often forgets about the ‘civil liberties’ of non-shithole Americans.

As it stands, around 940 families filed claims and the number of those who might qualify for the settlement is expected to be lower.

Joe Biden has privately claimed that Trump’s “family separation policy” is a historic moral stain on our nation that must be fully remedied, according to an unnamed source.

Only leftists can categorically misrepresent the framing and intention behind a certain policy. Trump’s policy was not that of “family separation,” it was law enforcement. It turns out, crossing the border into a foreign land without a visa or any documentation is illegal in nearly every country in the world, punishable by immediate deportation or imprisonment. The use of children to ramp up the emotion factor is a sick and twisted game these illegals play to tug at liberal heartstrings.

So to remedy that “moral stain,” liberals and desperate illegal immigrants are demanding that Biden not only include billions in monetary compensation, but yellow brick road to permanent citizenship as well.

The Biden administration could end up paying illegal immigrant families over $1 billion in settlements. That’s $1 billion in taxpayer cash, mind you.

Trump’s immigration policies included separating migrant minors from adults after they illegally crossed into the U.S. regardless of relation.

Some of the migrant families filed civilian claims seeking compensation to cover mental health treatments. In another lawsuit, the ACLU asked the Biden administration to cover mental health and other welfare services and permanent legal status for migrant families.

Do you really believe illegal immigrants coming from the most backwards and poor countries on Earth know to file civil and federal lawsuits for mental health compensation?

The answer is no. They’re being coached, pushed, and steered in the right direction. This was they’re plan all one.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney