Biden Under Fire After Stimulus Lies Go Viral

Biden isn’t the only Democratic liar who promised one thing on the campaign trail, then did something entirely different when in office. Georgia runoff winners Ossof and Warnock guaranteed $2,000 checks while campaigning. Their supporters are not happy about the major backtrack.

However, at least Biden broke his promise before ever entering office, as if that’s something to be proud of.

The details of Biden’s massive coronavirus relief package were made available to the public about one week before his inauguration. This plan included $1,400 stimulus checks, not the $2,000 promised on the campaign trail. Biden weaseled out of this promise, citing earlier $600 checks were a “downpayment” for the future $1,400 checks. Altogether struggling Americans would receive a total of $2,000, the promised amount. 

The Democratic Party guaranteed the lower amount in a tweet that supporters are not happy with.

Democratic voters railed against their party, and their leader Joe Biden. One disgruntled voter responded with a campaign advertisement that guaranteed $2,000 checks, asking, “Where does this say $600 down payment?”

Another person pointed to Biden’s own words, which promised $2,000 checks.

With numbers too close to call, a cabal of Republican lawmakers introduced a $600 billion counteroffer to the massive $1.6 trillion stimulus currently on the table. Biden is expected to meet with these lawmakers early this week. 

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