Biden Too Frail To Travel — White House Chooses Replacement

A leak in the Japanese press this weekend revealed that the United States President Joe Biden will not be attending the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan in July as originally planned. Instead, his wife, “Dr.” Jill Biden will be sent as his replacement.

Mrs. Biden, the fake doctor, is reportedly leading the arrangements. Her plan is to not only attend the ceremony with the Japanese president’s wife, but also meet with senior diplomatic officials, including Prime Minister Yoshide Suga.

Long gone are the days of First Lady Melania Trump who, having no political ulterior motive, took foreign trips with grace and beauty. Now we have a “Dr.” Jill jockeying for advantageous political meetings with foreign diplomats during the Olympic Games.

The Japanese news outlet that leaked the story spoke favorably of first lady Biden’s visit, regarding the long journey as a signal of honor that “sends a message of the importance of the friendly relationship between U.S. and Japan.”

“Dr.” Jill is actually making history while attending the Olympics. Never has a president been too frail to part with his day-to-day political engagements, and Jill Biden’s meetings with Japanese diplomats will be a first for any first lady.

Last year Jill played an active roll in her husband’s political campaign. She attended multiple rallies, which generally resulted in embarrassment for the couple. Unlike their predecessors, the Biden’s show little grace when in public together.

Mrs. Biden really took a public tumble last April when she traveled to California to visit a pop-up vaccination site to further encourage others to join the national coronavirus vaccination program.

Video of her at the event surfaced — and it was seriously embarrassing. In a speech to the crowd of farmworkers the first lady attempted to speak Spanish but failed in a way that’s even hard to describe.

Watch for yourself here:

The 70 year-old “Dr.” Biden more recently attended the G7 Summit with her husband in England.

On their trip she embarrassed the United States yet again when she began hawking her children’s book written about her husband Joe’s early years. She reportedly gave U.K Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s son Wilfred a copy.

The book, Joey: The Story of Joe Biden was published last year.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth