Biden Takes The Path Of Least Resistance — And It Could Destroy America

Can you imagine the Taliban threatening President Donald Trump?

No, you can’t. Because it would never be allowed. Trump would react with a show of force never before seen by the radical Islamic group, quieting their threats, and eliminating their presence once-and-for-all.

Meanwhile, the Taliban continues to toy with the Biden administration.

Biden informed reporters this weekend that he may order U.S. military forces to remain in Kabul past the Aug. 31 deadline laid out in his earlier plans. Weighing his options, Biden vowed to keep forces in the region until every American citizen is evacuated, which surely will not happen. Even members of his own defense team admitted he was lying.

The Taliban is not on board with Biden’s updated plan, informing the U.S. President “there will be consequences” if if the deadline is extended. In an interview, a Taliban spokesperson said any extension past the Aug. 31st deadline of U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan would “provoke a reaction” by the group.

Since issuing their threats, Biden has taken no action; he hasn’t even rebutted or retaliated.

This would be unimaginable with Trump as commander in chief.

Biden attempted to address the nation over the weekend, giving a canned speech while barely keeping his eyes open. In the address, Biden referred to the Taliban as “cooperative” saying, “We discussed a lot with the Taliban,” regarding the continued evacuation of U.S. troops.

He downplayed their presence in Kabul in order to keep negative press at bay, and hopefully turn the public opinion of his failed troop withdrawal around 180 degrees.

Meanwhile, members of his administration, notable his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, has appeared on multiple news outlets, completely contradicting his boss’ sentiment about the Taliban’s presence in Kabul:

Spokesmen from the Taliban have since downplayed or full-out denied the accusations made in Western media that that they are terrorizing residents of Afghanistan, namely women and those who’ve been sympathetic to a U.S. presence in the country.

Multiple sources in the area have confirmed these accusations to be true, but in the hope of becoming a legitimate political movement, the Taliban are doing their best to quell such rumors.

Under Biden’s leadership, the Taliban continue to have the upper hand in every regard — and they’ve proven it by openly mocking and threatening the U.S. president.

Maybe if our Generals weren’t so focused on Critical Race Theory, and more tuned in to what’s going on in Afghanistan, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Author: Nolan Sheridan