Biden Struggles to Explain New Mask Rules as His Approval Sinks

Is Joe Biden a good president? It’s a funny question right, as many of us don’t even considering him to be the president. But if you actually look at the state of the country right now (not liberal spin) you cannot claim that Biden is even remotely an effective president.

The confused, tired, and crooked old man has flip-flopped on his previous COVID guidance. To cover his failures, the CDC reversed their previous mask mandates. Although totally unscientific, they now claim vaccinated Americans should wear masks—contradicted everything we’ve been told.

Americans aren’t pleased with this bogus turn of events (and it remains to be seen how many will obey this nonsense). And Joe’s approval is taking a turn for the worse. It hit an all-time low this week at 46% according to Rasmussen, with 52% disapproving.

Sleepy Joe tried to right the ship by giving a speech on the latest flip-flopped rules. It did not go over well.

President Joe Biden struggled to explain Thursday why vaccinated Americans in some areas would have to wear masks again, as it contradicted his previous guidance…

Biden noted that he did not have to wear a mask during a trip to Newcastle County in Pennsylvania and at his home in Delaware because more people were vaccinated in those areas.

The president failed to mention that the areas highlighted by the CDC for mask mandates were based on “substantial” or “high” levels of the spread of the virus, not the number of vaccinated Americans…

Biden also struggled to explain why he previously said repeatedly that if Americans were vaccinated, they would not be required to wear masks.

“That is true at the time!” he recalled when asked about the change of position. “Because I thought there were people that were going to understand that getting vaccinated made a gigantic difference.” [Source: Breitbart]

Does anyone else get the feeling that we are being jerked around. “True at the time”? What the hell does that mean?

Do vaccines work or not? If they work, why should vaccinated people wear masks? (Oh, by the way, we’ve yet to see science proving masks work to begin with so, there’s that.)

Is Biden claiming that the science changes, based on his own whims? Has anything we know about the virus really changed over the last year and a half?

Or is this really just more proof that kindergartens are run better than this administration?

Honestly, this might be the most disorganized, pathetic, and rudderless presidency we’ve ever lived through. Biden picked the worst people to lead his agencies. These political cronies have no clue what they are doing. And Biden himself comes off as a confused old man who is just being led by the hand.

You might not think wearing a mask is a big deal, but we know that’s not the point. The point is, this government wants us to blindly obey it, even as it contradicts itself.

Are we going to turn off our brains and obey a corrupt, crooked regime? Or are we going to push back, demand answers, and fight for our freedoms?

Author: Jackson Smith