Biden Starts To Sweat As Media Turns Against Him

Recently, a woman has come forward accusing Joe Biden of assault. While numerous conservative outlets have been covering this story, the mainstream media has refused to even mention it. Pressure was growing from Americans who demanded answers from liberals, who once supported victims of abuse. Now, it appears the media is cracking under the pressure.

We’ve discussed the gross double standard that appears to exist among so-called liberal MeToo members. During the Brett Kavanaugh scandal, Democrats immediately believed the accusations of his accuser—despite solid evidence. But now that a woman has a credible accusation against Joe Biden… the left was all but silent.

You know why. Joe Biden is running against Donald Trump for president. The liberal media want Trump gone so bad, it appears they’d ignore serious allegations about their candidate. But pressure from Americans must have done something, because now it seems the media has been forced to discuss this.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s fortunes with the mainstream media have started to shift this week as news organizations are beginning to report more and more on the 1993 sexual assault allegation made against him by former Senate staffer Tara Reade…

CNN published a report about how the Biden campaign was dishonestly claiming that a New York Times investigation into Reade’s allegations found that they were not credible. The New York Times released a statement making it clear that their reporting did not reach that conclusion.

The Washington Post Editorial Board grilled Biden for not addressing the accusation and for not allowing his Senate records to be released from the University of Delaware [Source: Daily Wire]

The New York Times even went as far as to report on how the far-left base of the Democratic Party—along with women’s rights activists—are angered over Biden’s unwillingness to response.

Why the sudden change? Perhaps the media is frustrated that Biden is unwilling to discuss this scandal, even to deny it. The tipping point seemed to be when the Times denied Biden’s claim that they cleared his name.

If there’s one thing the liberal media cares more about than the Democratic Party, it’s their own reputation. If they feel like someone’s threatening their little cult, then they’ll all gang up and attack. Perhaps that’s why Joe’s been surprisingly absent these last few days.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has largely avoided the media in the days following a resurfaced clip of a “Larry King Live” episode from 1993 that appears to include the mother of Tara Reade — who has accused Biden of sexual assault — alluding to the harassment her daughter has alleged. [Source: Fox News]

Or maybe he’s avoiding the media, so he won’t keep saying inane things. With every new appearance, we are seeing Joe’s brain slip away more and more. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t addressed the Tara Reade accusations—he doesn’t even remember what happened!

It’s kind of surprising that the media is even covering these allegations at all. You’d think their determination to get Joe elected would cause them to completely ignore them. But keep in mind, these are the same liberals who’ve spent years chanting, “Believe all women.” They built up a culture that any woman who accuses a man of sexual misconduct must not just be heard, but accepted as a truth bringer.

If they want to keep that reputation alive, they have to do something about this Tara Reade situation.

But what will they do, when Biden is finally forced to openly address it? No doubt his campaign is scrambling to create a new response. Perhaps they are looking for ways to keep Reade quiet. Don’t be surprised if soon, Biden himself releases some halfhearted denial that aims to deflect this entire scandal. Maybe even an attack to discredit this woman.

Perhaps the media will swallow it hook, line, and sinker. But we demand better. We will not let up until the truth comes out.

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