Biden Smashes Through a World Record – But It’s Not What He Hoped For

Not that long ago, America was experiencing record employment, rising wages, and energy dominance. Even after a crippling pandemic, we were looking at a “V-shaped” recovery. America was on top once again and was the envy of the world.

Why was that again? Oh yeah, we had a president who wasn’t a globalist sell out.

Biden hasn’t been in office for a year, and he’s already tanked our children’s future. That’s not hyperbole. Biden’s toxic influence spiked inflation, contributed to a worker shortage, and derailed our energy independence. And now, word is in. It’s the worst inflation we’ve seen in many of our lifetimes’.

The U.S. economy was hit by more inflation from April through June than any time since 1982, the Commerce Department said Thursday, confirming the figure revealed in earlier estimates of second-quarter inflation…

The economy basically failed to launch as the Biden administration and Capitol Hill Democrats took control of the U.S. government. The second-quarter expansion was barely faster than the 6.3 percent expansion in the first quarter, despite the roll-out of the vaccines quickly developed under the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed and massive amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus. [Source: Breitbart]

Inflation hasn’t been this bad this 1982. That’s nearly two generations ago, when millions of Americans weren’t even born yet. Inflation was a problem back then, because the country was recovering from the failed presidency of Jimmy Carter. It quickly recovered under Reagan.

Today? We had a strong and recovering economy just a few months ago. What’s the difference? A man named Joe Biden.

Biden is more than just a loser. He’s more than just a weak leader. He is a con artist that has put the interests of lobbyists and globalists ahead of Americans. Pretending like he’s a progressive visionary, he has bowed again and again to the corrupt ruling elite who want nothing more than to sell out Americans, drain our resources, and ship our jobs overseas.

Recovery after the pandemic should have been easy. Trump literally handed Biden three vaccines. All he had to do was make sure everyone who wanted a vaccine got a vaccine. But not only did he bungle the rollout, threatening free Americans, but he pushed government spending that drive people out of work.

And we can’t help think that other issues, like the flagging supply chain, would have been handled better under Trump. Forty-five was a president that fought like the devil to make sure Americans came first. For that, he was hated by many. But those people were the ones trying to screw us over, so who cares?

Many of Biden’s failures can be remedied, if real leadership takes over soon. But inflation is much harder to fix (as is importing millions of illegals). It will take some dedicated, uncompromising leadership to right this ship in 2024.

But can we wait that long?

Author: Alex Johnson