Biden Slips – Admits Trump Is The Reason He Can’t Sleep At Night

How stupid can one man get? I guess there are no limits, if you’re a washed-up Democrat puppet like Joe Biden. The man has been failing since the moment he entered office. All his promises of “unity” and building back the country have gone up in flames. Everything he touches seems to collapse, and that includes this week’s elections.

All the candidates Biden endorsed lost. That includes liberal candidate for governor of Virginia—a major loss for the Democrats. Biden even traveled to VA to help—as did Obama and Harris—but the party lost numerous key election battles.

Some in Biden’s position would be willing to admit defeat. Accept the fact that his monumental failures have led to this disaster. Instead, Biden refused to see the writing on the wall. Instead, he blamed Trump for some reason.

President Joe Biden refused to take any ownership in his party getting blown out in Virginia’s elections on Tuesday night when asked about the matter during a press conference on Wednesday, and suggested that it was going to be harder to win moving forward because Donald Trump is not on the ballot…

When a reporter noted that Biden had won the state by 10 points just last year, Biden responded, “I was running against Donald Trump.” [Source: Daily Wire]

While discussing his party’s major losses from this week’s election, most notably in Virginia, Biden refused to admit it was largely his fault. Exit polls reveal that Biden’s approval in the state is very much underwater, with 52% disapproval. Most voters pointed to the many problems hurting their families, as a result of Democratic leadership at both the state and federal levels.

Biden didn’t want to admit it was his policies hurting the party. He even claimed that had Congress passed his bloated spending bills before Election Day, it would have made a difference. Unlikely, considering his spending plans would bring further damage to the country. His last spending bill triggered inflation, a worker shortage, and a massive supply chain crisis. More spending would have been much worse.

When a reporter pressed Biden over the fact that the state broke Democrat just one year ago, with a 10-point margin, he refused to see the light again. Biden claimed he won big because of Donald Trump. He is suggesting he was able to win Virginia because voters wanted to get rid of President Trump. Although Biden is trying to deflect the question, he is really admitting defeat.

Because he is saying that the only reason he won VA is that people disliked Trump. They weren’t supporting him. But with Trump off the ballot, voters wanted nothing to do with a Democrat candidate.

Did Joe realize what he was saying, when he said it? And I find it pretty sad that, even after all this time, Democrats think they can lean on Trump for some kind of advantage. Forgetting that the man who won Virginia is an American-first Republican who was endorsed by Trump himself.

Maybe Joe should just take his lumps and shut up?

Author: James Anderson