Biden Slips — Admits He Needs Trump To Fix His Failures

Out of Donald Trump’s numerous accomplishments, one of his greatest remains the rapid nomination and subsequent Senate confirmation of supreme court and federal judges.

Installing conservative-minded – or even judges with a semblance of common sense – to the bench has allowed many of Trump’s policies to withstand legal challenges from the Biden administration, and has acted as a legal filter for some of Biden’s most egregious policies, like his vaccine mandate.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of arguably Trump’s single greatest contribution (besides the wall) to border security. His ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy and the more general Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) secured illegal migrants’ return to Mexico as they await trial in immigration court.

The Biden administration has reached a deal with the Mexican government to restart the Trump-era policy, but it’s evident far-left Homeland Security operatives aren’t happy about it.

U.S. and Mexican officials struck an agreement re-implementing “Remain in Mexico,” U.S. officials announced Thursday.

On Thursday, the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, and State outlined the plan to restart the program, confirming that Mexico had agreed to accept back migrants returned under MPP. The two governments will work out the details before reimplementing the program on Dec. 6 at seven ports of entry along the southern border: San Diego and Calexico in California; Nogales in Arizona; and El Paso, Eagle Pass, Laredo, and Brownsville in Texas.

During the first week of his presidency Joe Biden attempted to end the policy on “humanitarian” grounds, despite its efficacy at ensuring border security.

As the Biden administration is forced to re-implement the policy, it’s become obvious they’re doing so kicking and screaming, saying that “Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas has repeatedly stated that MPP has endemic flaws, imposed unjustifiable human costs, pulled resources and personnel away from other priority efforts, and failed to address the root causes of irregular migration.”

This protestation over the SCOTUS order just goes to show just how ineffectual the Biden administration has proven themselves to be vis a vis the border crisis. Endlessly bound to wokeness, Border officials care less about actually securing the US-Mexico border and more about the optics of it all.

Single adults and families are expected fall under Remain in Mexico if they are not eligible for deportation under another Trump-era policy, Title 42. Title 42 was implemented in response to the global coronavirus pandemic and allowed border officials to turn away immediately any child or adult who came across the border.

The Biden administration still operates under Title 42, but in the spring, it stopped sending back most families to their home countries because Mexican state governments refused to take back migrants who were not from Mexico or Central America.

However, the Biden’s border officials are doing what they can to create holes in Trump’s MPP, expanding the justifiable exemptions from the policy, allowing more illegals to remain in the U.S.

The elderly, people with physical or mental disabilities, and people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender will be exempt from return under MPP because they are at greatest risk of abuse or discrimination if sent back to Mexico.

That’s funny because liberals here in America claim that LGBT people face undue, violent persecution in this country on a daily basis, often expanding the definition of “hate crime” in order to combat the abuse.

So is this really the place for LGBT-identifying migrants from other countries? Or is this a concession by liberals that pandering to lesbians, gays, and transgender people is merely a cynical political tool to gain votes?

Biden suspended the Remain in Mexico policy upon taking office and originally tried to end it in June, but was successfully sued by Texas and Missouri to reinstate it and lost an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, border officials are planning to demolish Trump’s Remain in Mexico as quickly as possibly, saying the restart is not intended to be permanent, but that move will likely face legal backlash.

The Remain in Mexico back-and-forth shines a giant spotlight on the federal government’s current dilemma:

Abandon wokeness for wokeness sake and implement proven, effective policy in order to save the country — or die on the hill of wokeness, take a knee to the far-left, and focus on liberal optics to the detriment of America and her people.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney