Biden Sits And Watches The World Burn – But Refuses To Do Anything About It

America is being hammered by numerous crises all at once. The border is raging, as thousands of migrants march into the country. Crime is out of control in major cities from coast to coast. The economy is reeling thanks to inflation, supply shortages, and a worker crisis. And we haven’t forgotten about Afghanistan, where many Americans are still left stranded.

But what is Joe Biden worried about? Getting his toxic, $3.5 trillion socialist spending package passed. It seems Biden is ignoring the real problems facing America to push through a bill that nobody wants. Recent polling reveals that Americans do not support this massive spending plan. That’s probably because they don’t want to see their jobs disappear and taxes rise.

Even as the border collapses and crime surges, Biden canceled a recent trip to Chicago. Was it to focus on the real problems hurting Americans? No, it was so he can continue to strong-arm Democrats resistant to his disastrous plans.

President Joe Biden canceled a scheduled trip to Chicago on Tuesday, according to reports, as he struggles to get his $5 trillion spending agenda through Congress.

The president met with moderate Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) at the White House on Tuesday, working with them to negotiate a price tag for his $3.5 trillion entitlement and climate spending bill…

Biden has repeatedly asked Manchin, who opposes the massive spending bill, to set a top-line price tag that he would consider, but Manchin has resisted…

Sinema has made it clear to Biden she does not support his plan, according to reports, even though she has returned to the White House for a third meeting to discuss proposals with staff. [Source: Breitbart]

Isn’t this rich? Real crises are raging across the country, but motivated Biden to change his plans? Getting support for his terrible spending bill. And he couldn’t even get that!

From all appearances, very few Americans are in support of Biden’s plan, including the $3.5 trillion price tag. Many are more concerned with inflation and the border. Heck, Biden’s approval numbers show Americans are in no way pleased with the man. But he continues to reject what Americans really want, to ram his agenda through D.C.

It’s unlikely Biden will be able to move moderates like Sinema and Manchin. Both come from conservative states that will oust them if they support his spending bill. Biden’s only hope now is to get them to support a watered-down version of his plan, that will be “cheaper” but still far too expensive for the American people.

But as he wastes time with this doomed plan, illegals still march over our border and lives continue to be lost.

Have we ever seen a president this out of touch with our priorities?

Author: Sam Maxwell