Biden Sets New Record–Rents up 20% From Last Year

You know, there is a reason Biden wants us all scared of an invasion thousands of miles away. It’s because, if we’re distracted by a Russia/Ukraine war, then we might forget just what a terrible president he is. A losing strategy, since he is also responsible for that conflict, after his comments last month. But despite his pathetic attempts to turn eyes off of America, things are only getting worse.

Biden’s approval sunk to new lows, as Americans suffered dismal economic prospects last year and now this year. Gas prices are hitting record highs. Inflation is making everything from clothes to ground beef expensive. The overheated housing market—encouraged by the Fed’s refusal to raise interest rates—is preventing first-home buyers from achieving the American dream.

And now, those poor souls who can’t even buy a house are forced to pay high rents.

First gas, then heating and now rents. Runaway inflation is driving rents skywards across Joe Biden’s America, delivering an average of a 20 percent increase in the U.S.’s biggest 50 cities over the past 12 months, a study details…

The rent spike has stung wallets nowhere more than in the Miami metro area, where the median rent surged to an eyewatering $2,850, 49.8 percent higher than the previous year.

Other cities across Florida — Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville — and the Sun Belt destinations of San Diego, Las Vegas, Austin, Texas, and Memphis, Tennessee, all saw spikes of more than 25 percent during that time period, AP reports. [Source: Breitbart]

Yep. Even if you tried to dodge the slammed housing market, we have some bad news for you. Thanks to Biden’s horribly mismanaged administration, rent prices are up a staggering 25% in America’s top 50 cities. I don’t have to tell you, that increase is way outpacing pay increases for most workers (if you even got one last year).

The rapidly-rising cost of rent is a direct result of Biden’s policies. His handling of the economy, from inflation to supply chain problems, is making everything more expensive. Including the cost of managing property. Rental property owners are increasing prices also due to increased demand.

The lockdowns shuttered home building for nearly a year. People are fleeing blue states. With homes going for $100,000s more than their worth, the overflow hits the rental market. Hard-working Americans can’t even afford rent on a modest apartment. None of this would be happening, if we had a competent person in the White House.

But Joe Biden and his team won’t lift a finger to address any of this. In fact, they intend to keep pushing policies that don’t work and put us in jeopardy. Even Kamala Harris promised their sanctions against Russia will cause Americans’ costs to go up.

Great job, you guys. You’re making sure nobody is happy.

Author: Bo Dogan