Biden Runs To The Basement After The Taliban Sends This Message

It’s all over. The Taliban successfully overtook Afghanistan this weekend following a failed U.S. troop withdrawal ordered by “commander in chief” Joe Biden.

The results of Biden’s botched troop removal have been plastered all over social media and television news. It’s a harrowing situation, one that should end in Biden’s impeachment.

Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe is no where to be found. His failed military operation has caused him to retreat to some basement in Camp David, leaving the world with the most pertinent question of all: Where Is Joe Biden?

And as Joe Biden remains silent on the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, terrorist leaders are addressing the world in a conference held at the palace of Afghanistan’s former president.

The Taliban held a press conference after they took over Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul on Sunday while the world watched in shock at the speed with which the country completely fell apart. Meanwhile, Democrat Joe Biden continued to hide from the American public at Camp David, where he is scheduled to be for the next few days.

Al Jazeera posted photographs and video of Taliban terrorists addressing the media in the presidential palace shortly after the nation’s president fled the country.

While the Taliban held a press conference, Biden continued to hide from the public as the nation fell following his chaotic pullout. Even CNN ran a segment noting that many people were wondering where Biden was, as well as why he was not out in front of the cameras showing leadership.

CNN later reported that Biden was “expected to address the nation in the next few days about the crisis in Afghanistan.”

The embarrassment for the administration comes after the Taliban recaptured the country in just a few days following Biden’s Intelligence Community saying that it might take the Taliban three months to take over.

Biden and his officials attempted to blame Former President Donald Trump in a statement on Saturday for his own actions; however, many military experts scholars quickly shot down Biden’s condemnation of Trump.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth