Biden Reverts To Trump’s Policies After Repeated Failures

Dare we say it? Donald Trump might be getting the better end of this deal.

On Thursday, Joe Biden was propped up in front of reporters to defend his decision to move forward with the Former Commander-in-Chief’s directive to remove troops from Afghanistan. This comes as a shock to many who remember a time not too long ago when Biden ardently defended America’s nation-building mission in the embattled Middle East country.

During his presser, Biden revealed that he was moving up the deadline for withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan — again following Former President Donald Trump’s advice. Instead of the September 11th calamity the current administration had planned, Sleepy Joe told the media the withdrawal date has been moved to August 31st.

As per usual, the fumbling commander-in-chief seemed distant, incoherent, and lacking any cognitive function when he told the American people of the radical shift in our military presence in the Middle East. At times Biden couldn’t even a sentence out, doing little to ease concerns of his rapid decline in mental capacity.

Despite Joe Biden’s claims that troops are not in Afghanistan for “nation-building” purposes, he knows full well that’s exactly why the military has spent over 20 years in the region. In fact, Joe Biden and the Obama administration he served under as Vice President supported not only nation-building, but the importation of American democracy to a country not willing or able to accept it.

Sleepy Joe attempted a question and answer session with reporters at the conclusion of his press conference, but as you can already guess that did not go well. The commander-in-“chief” seemed confused, unsure of what he was doing or why he was even there.

A reporter asked, “Do you trust the Taliban?”

A simple-enough question for the supposed leader of the country — and the free world. But Joe was baffled, thrown off, and utterly confused by the question.

Following in Trump’s footsteps, Biden plans to follow through with a complete withdrawal despite increased Taliban presence across Afghanistan. Essentially the administration — and Washington D.C. in general — is conceding the Middle East to the Taliban, with Joe saying it’s “inevitable” that Afghani forces become divided upon the removal of U.S. troops.

However, unless the Taliban harbors terrorists groups as they once did — but vowed to Trump they wouldn’t do again — it’s likely that U.S. troops will remain out of Afghanistan.

You can watch Biden’s remarks and sometimes-testy Q&A in their entirety below.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth