Biden Remorse Abounds — ’22 Red Wave Crashes Democrat Dreams

At this point, you’d have to be blind to ignore the growing discontent across the country directed at Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Endless chants against the cognitively deficient president occur any time Americans are gathered together — and not just in Red states. The White House can pretend the anti-Biden sentiment doesn’t exist as they cling on for dear life to the “81 million Americans” lie, existing in a pure state of delusion and denial. But they can’t ignore it any longer; the data is in.

On Tuesday, the National Republican Congressional Committee released their findings after conducting a poll of 1000 voters across 85 different congressional districts. The survey was a brutal reminder for Democrats that they are in serious trouble once the midterms come around.

In a generic ballot in 85 battleground districts, GOP candidates trounced their Democrat counterparts 43% to 40%. Those are figures Nancy, Chuck, and Joe hoped they never had to see.

“It is not just that the Biden honeymoon is over. Voters are now having “Biden Remorse” due to Democrats’ incompetence,” the NRCC concluded.

Overall, Joe Biden’s approval rating is in complete freefall, dropping from 51% approval to 45% in a matter of three months. As it stands only 45% approve, 54% disapprove of the cognitively deficient president’s handle on the country’s affairs.

He’s also declining amongst key voting groups as well:

  • With Hispanics, he’s down 5 approval points.
  • With college-educated Whites, he’s down 3 approval points.
  • With independents, over 62% believe he’s completely incompetent.
  • With America’s majority (53%), Joe Biden is said to be ruining the country.

Republicans now lead across 85 battleground congressional districts as a result of Democrats incompetence, according to the report, which found that the GOP is leading with independents by eight percent (35% GOP – 27% Democrat).

Voters were asked which issues they’d expect Biden to manage better. They listed jobs and the economy (16%), border security (15%), and inflation/cost of living (12 %). Notably, other polls have found that voters are extremely disappointed with Biden’s leadership in these areas.

Overall, the report concluded that voters understand the negative consequences of Democrats’ policies.

In battleground districts, 59% of voters say government is doing too many things compared to 35% who would like the government to do more. The trend is even stronger among independents, 62% of whom think the government is doing too much versus 31% who want more action.

Well wouldn’t you know. The majority of the country shuns government overreach — what a shocker!

Voters also thinks Democrats’ agenda will “raise their own taxes,” a sentiment which has grown 6 percentage points from 51% in July to 57% in October as Democrats smooth out their final proposal.

Arguably the issue effecting most Americans, cost of living, is the key to the Democrats’ declining popularity with voters. Over 66% of voters say the Democrats’ proposed spending will increase their own cost of living, while just 5% say the bill would bring their cost of living down.

As backwards as the country feels at times, this survey proves the key tenants Americanism are still alive and well in the hearts of most citizens. Government overreach, endless taxation, censorship, security – core beliefs that braver Americans fought wars for.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth