Biden Recruits Union Workers To Fight War Against Putin

Joe Biden is officially drunk off the power that comes with being President of the United States.

Nothing arouses a career politician more than possibly becoming the next wartime president, many of which are looked fondly upon in the history books.

The American people have already determined that Biden is a failure whether he realizes it or not, so any chance to inspire patriotism Sleepy Joe will surely take.

Our cognitively deficient president even went so far to begin recruiting union workers to his eventual war with Russia during an inflammatory speech on Wednesday.

Biden’s remarks came during the North America’s Building Trades Unions Legislative Conference. Joe, a longtime union ally, has spent little time as president addressing local union chapters. But as approval ratings drop and turmoil increases, Biden needs all the support he can get.

“The reason there’s a middle-class today is because of unions,” Biden continued.

Well, Joe, that’s entirely untrue. The reason there’s a middle-class today (or what’s left of it) is because decades of lightly-regulated capitalism in the early 20th century caused a boom of innovation which created wealth and industry across the country. In fact, labor unions hand-in-hand with state and federal governments have done all they can to destroy the middle class.

Thus, here we are today and the American middle class continues to dwindle.

His speech opened with an admission about the 2020 election. Joe claimed he wouldn’t have won the presidency without union support — but we all know the real story.

He quickly pivoted from the election into a sharp rebuke of the “atrocities” carried out by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Biden proceeded to give a glimpse of an upcoming executive order that will block new investments in Russia. He then commended U.S. corporations for “stepping up for change” and pausing business inside Russia’s borders.

Side note, pausing business in Russia does nothing to harm Putin or his oligarchs but does significant damage to the average Russian citizen who wants nothing more than to feed their families and lead normal lives.

“If I got to go to war, I’m going with you guys. I mean it,” he added to thunderous applause from the union members in attendance.

Biden sings the songs of war!

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was tasked with cleaning up Biden’s remarks during a press briefing on Wednesday.

Although Biden has repeatedly said he has no intentions to launch a war with Russia, every one of his decisions seems to have the opposite effect.

Author: Robert Bogart