Biden Receives Christmas Day Prank Call — And Liberals Are Hysterical About It

Nothing like a little practical joke on Christmas Day to really get the liberals incensed!

Jared Schmeck broke the internet over the weekend after he ended a Christmas phone call with Joe Biden by saying, “Let’s go Brandon” — a phrase that has been used as a replacement for the more vulgar “F*** Joe Biden” chant which took the country by storm earlier this year.

Schmeck, a former police officer and father of four from Oregon, ended the call by saying, “Merry Christmas … and let’s go Brandon!”

Biden responded, “Let’s go Brandon I agree,” while his wife, the fake Dr. Jill Biden, laughed awkwardly.

Since making the call, Schmeck revealed he’s received numerous angry phone calls and death threats from supposed Biden supporters.

Who knew they even existed?

The Oregon father said that he meant no ill will against the president and doesn’t even dislike him — he only meant to voice his frustrations in what he perceived as a “joking manner.”

Schmeck said he was merely voicing his frustrating against an administration he thinks “should be doing better.” He told the outlet that he did not think of himself as a “Trumper,” instead describing himself as a “free-thinking American and follower of Jesus Christ.”

He also said that the opportunity to speak to President Biden directly was unexpected — he and his family have called the NORAD Santa Tracker hotline every Christmas Eve for years, and he had expected the call to be automated and had not expected it to be livestreamed.

Schmeck also posted his own video of the call, with President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden on speaker, on his own YouTube channel:

Though Schmeck has received numerous threats and attacks, he still stands “100% behind what [he] did and what [he] said” to Joe and Jill Biden.

The Christmas Day prank call obviously made the rounds across CNN, MSNBC, and the other Democrat Party propaganda machines, where hosts expressed their dismay over Schmeck’s horrific actions.

Waxing hysterical, the propaganda pundits likened Schmeck’s call and the Let’s Go Brandon movement with that of insurrection — their new favorite word to describe anyone and anything not in a liberal bubble.

This is coming from a network who obsessed over Donald Trump’s ice cream habit and the size of his penis for four years.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth