Biden Rambles on Campaign Trail, Admits Impeachment Is Going to Hurt the Democrats

With several senators back in D.C. for the Senate impeachment trial, Joe Biden has free reign in Iowa. The first primary votes will be cast soon, and the Democrat “frontrunner” has fewer challengers soaking up all the attention. Not that he’s doing himself any favors. When asked about impeachment, Joe Biden could barely give a clear answer. Although he did admit one painful fact about how it will affect the election.

Whether the left likes it or not, this impeachment farce is all about Joe Biden. Democrats are trying to nail Trump over a phone call with Ukraine. But the real issue at stake is what Joe Biden was doing with the country, all those years ago. We know that his son was collecting checks from a Ukrainian company, while Biden himself was negotiating with their government.

There was a clear conflict of interest when Joe forced Ukraine to fire a man investigating his son’s company. Yet Democrats accuse Trump of breaking the law for wanting this situation investigated. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Biden recently got flustered when he heard about a possible deal that would require him to testify before the Senate.

Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic presidential frontrunner, said Wednesday he wants “no part” of a witness swap reportedly being discussed by some members of his own party. [Source: Fox News]

Of course he doesn’t want to testify before the Senate (even though in the past he said he was open to it). He doesn’t want to have to answer Trump’s legal team’s questions about his work with Ukraine. If he lied and was caught, he’d be guilty of perjury. But if they nailed him with facts about the situation, it could expose much more than we already know.

It only gets worse for Joe. Even though right now he’s campaigning with fewer rivals in his wake, he can’t even help himself. The issue of impeachment came up again during a meeting. Joe tried to answer the questions coherently. But, as usual, that wasn’t possible.

During his borderline incoherent ramblings to the audience, Biden said that he is regularly asked if he thinks that Democrats’ impeachment will make Trump harder to beat.

Biden said that he believes it will…

Biden also appeared to have been confused during his rant as he reassured the audience that he would have no problem “debating the majority leader, debating Lindsey Graham, debating any of these guys.”

It is unclear what Biden was referring to when he appeared to believe that he was going to need to debate Republican members of the Senate, especially since he has suggested that he will not testify in front of the Senate if subpoenaed. [Source: Daily Wire]

Pretty scary that a man who wants to be president can’t get basic facts straight. He accused Trump of withholding $400 million from Ukraine during the phone call—an outright lie, given Trump did not once mention money on the call.

Joe then rambled about “debating” Republican senators, including Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham. Not sure what that’s all about. Why would he debate them at all?

But one thing he said did make sense and was actually true. The impeachment of Donald Trump is going to make him much harder to beat in November. Much, much harder. Already we’ve seen a historic outpouring of support for Trump since the impeachment process began.

His campaign has raised hundreds of millions of dollars after Nancy Pelosi started this sham impeachment. The crowds at his rallies are only getting bigger. Statistics indicate that more than half of those attending are Democrats or Independents, meaning he’s winning over non-Republicans.

Add to that his continued success, impeachment is not doing nearly enough to hurt his re-election chances. Which is the only reason Democrats did it.

Even Biden can see that. He’s struggling to win the nomination and his party is only making it harder.

Not that his gaffes, inappropriate touching, and crassness toward the press are helping at all.

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