Biden Puts Migrants On a Plane — But This State Won’t Let Them Land

We all knew this would happen. Even Biden should admit this was the only outcome of his idiotic decisions. The border is out of control, with hundreds of thousands of illegals already bombarding it. Reports say many more are to come.

The Biden administration has epically failed to contain the situation. They can’t just roll out the red carpet for these aliens (what they want to do), but they can’t just deport them—the radical left would be outraged. So, Biden has been keeping thousands of people in crowded facilities, forcing them to sleep in cages.

When he’s not keeping them under bridges, of course.

But it seems like Biden’s plan to destroy American with migrants has reached phase 2. He is now trying to ship them all over the country. This was probably his plan all along to ensure migrants alter the demographics of swing and red states, ensuring that—in the future—these migrants will affect close elections (the left’s goal for supporting illegal immigration all along).

One state, however, is refusing to let Biden dump these aliens into its communities.

The White House is now flying unaccompanied minors across the country to emergency housing facilities as it struggles to keep up with the thousands of child migrants flooding across the United States southern border — and Iowa’s Republican governor is now the first to refuse the Biden administration’s pleas to provide temporary housing…

“This is not our problem,” Reynolds said, adding that the state does not have any temporary facilities to lend to the Department of Housing and Human Services. “This is the president’s problem. He’s the one that has opened the border, and he needs to be responsible for this and he needs to stop it.”

Iowa’s own Department of Human Services, it seems, made the decision, based on whether the state was equipped to respond to both local and federal needs amid a significant economic downturn and the COVID-19 pandemic. [Source: Daily Wire]

Let’s be honest here. Why on earth is Biden trying to ship migrant children to Iowa. Does he really think Iowa is equipped to handle hundreds, if not thousands, of strange children? What is Biden thinking, if he even does think?

Why isn’t Biden just deporting these illegal aliens, anyway? That would solve the problem, right? Secure the border and remove those who broke the law to come here. Working so hard to keep these migrants on our side of the border betrays Biden’s true motives.

If he really cared about these migrants—and Americans—he wouldn’t be doing any of this. The administration would be working hard to ensure aliens legally enter the country and preventing law-breakers from staying.

Instead, he is shipping children with no parents, no skills, who don’t speak English, and cannot help themselves, to stats all over the country. This is more than just inappropriate, it’s disturbing.

What won’t Democrats do to ensure they have a lower class of voting slaves? These children don’t deserve to be exploited by corrupt Democrats who just want more power. But they shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the country in which they entered illegally.

Iowa is the first state to fight back. Except more to follow.

Author: Anderson Jones