Biden Puts Final Nail In Trump’s Historic Immigration Legacy

The national emergency declaration at the southern border signed by President Trump has officially ended. 

The move comes as Biden seeks to completely scrub President Trump’s immigration legacy, starting with the massive border wall project. 

On his first day in office, Biden ordered a halt on the construction of a wall on our southern border. Not only did this order kill thousands of high-paying jobs, it thrusted America into a criminal breeding ground for illegal immigrants looking to suck resources and take jobs from American workers. 

Joe Biden released a letter from the White House to Nancy Pelosi informing congress of his decision to reverse Trump’s emergency declaration. While this move is largely a formality, it’s solidifies the fact that Trump’s legacy of ‘America First’ common sense immigration is no longer. 

After months of chaos, and amid a stalemate over wall funding, Trump declared a national emergency in 2019, allowing him to allocate billions in funding for the project. About 450 miles of wall was build by the end of his administration. 

Despite Biden’s order to rescind Trump’s emergency declaration, the Pentagon confirmed the 3,600 troops currently stationed on the southern border will remain until the end of the fiscal year. 

Biden’s letter to Nancy Pelosi unfairly categorized Trump’s emergency declaration as “unwarranted” and noted the incredible funding already spent on the wall so far. Trump directed the funding to handle not only a crisis of illegal immigration, but an economic and human rights one as well. As Biden strips America of its borders, “unwarranted” crime and economic devastation will surely ensue. 

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