Biden Prepares To Go Head To Head With Trump On 1/6 Anniversary

Best of luck to the cognitively deficient president and his commie VP who recently announced their plans to commemorate the Jan. 6 protest with a speech at the Capitol building.

Last week, Former President Donald J. Trump announced his plan to hold a major press conference on the same day.

Funny how the Biden-Harris administration consistently appears to be two steps behind Donald Trump, who was ruthlessly booted out of office by Democrats who gutted the democratic process and rigged the 2020 presidential election.

Even out of office, from one of his many resorts, Donald Trump still outshines Joe Biden and his entire regime.

But now it appears Joe Biden and President Kamala Harris will speak at the Capitol on January 6.

According to reports, Biden and Harris will speak in marking the anniversary of the attack on the Capitol.

Details of their speech are still closely guarded by the White House, but one anonymous source claims the pair will be joined by soon-to-be-ex House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will join them, focusing their public statements on the dangers of “insurrection” committed by the evil protestors.

Meanwhile, no one really believes the protestors are insurrectionists.

As a matter of fact the entire “insurrection” label comes as a new development, along with the “misinformation” idea, to further punish Trumpian Republicans and populist conservatives.

Conversely, Former President Donald Trump is holding his own press conference that day to contrast the events at the Capitol. Trump plans to make the case that the true “insurrection” was on Election Day in 2020 and focus on the “rigged” presidential election, saying in a statement that “[R]emember, the insurrection took place on November 3rd, it was the completely unarmed protest of the rigged election that took place on January 6th.”

Some protestors of the 2020 election entered the Capitol building on January 6 of last year as the electoral votes were being counted and the election was being certified.

Pelosi has since then set up a House witch hunt committee to ostensibly investigate the events leading up to the protest, but anyone not poisoned by liberal propaganda can clearly see Pelosi’s true intentions:

To prevent Trump or any of his former associates from ever holding public office ever again.

As proof, the committee is comprised of all Democrats and two so-called Republicans, Reps. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, both of whom despite the Former President and voted twice for his impeachment.

Recent polling shows a majority of Americans finding the committee to be “partisan and politically motivated.”

Author: Elizabeth Tierney