Biden Plagued with New Accusations as Campaign Flounders

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Biden’s only been running for president for two weeks, but he’s hit one speed bump after another. He’s tried to duck the numerous accusations about his inappropriate behavior among women. But more problems continue to fester for the former VP. Now, allegations are surfacing about what reporters have to face, when covering the candidate.

Oh, Joe Biden. You really picked a bad time to run for president. Not only do you have to contender with nearly 20 other hopeless Democrats, but you’ll have to face off against a president enjoying the best economy in decades.

Worse still, you’re a gaffe-making machine. Biden’s already embarrassed himself when he said Margaret Thatcher called him to express her concerns about President Trump. Except, Ms. Thatcher died in 2013. Oops.

Then there’s that fake campaign website ranking higher than Joe’s. You know, the one that features every time the former VP inappropriately touched women and little girls? Have you seen it? It’s right here: Joe Biden.

Now, Joe has to deal with more accusations coming out of his campaign. This time, it’s not Joe groping other men’s wives or cuddling with young girls. It’s his staff who are treating reporters like common thugs.

Numerous reporters have already voiced their concerns about the treatment they have received from his staff.

Freelance journalist Marcus DiPaola was covering the Biden campaign in Iowa last week where he tweeted the accounts of different reporters, including himself, of their interactions with campaign staffers, which he described to Fox News as “out of line, totally.”

One unidentified reporter told DiPaola that while covering campaign events in Iowa, a member of Biden’s campaign told the reporter to leave, with the campaign staffer saying she was just doing her job. She then took a photo of the reporter who refused to leave.

Another reporter alleged a Biden staffer “physically put their body” between the reporter and the 2020 frontrunner despite not being that close to the candidate. [Source: Fox News]

It gets worse from there. The second reporter recalls the staffer invading her physical space. Another reporter said that Biden’s staffer blocked them from Biden and even tried to block photos from being taken.

Um… what? This is a man running for president, right? At a campaign event? It’s not like these reporters are trying to ambush him during his private time. He’s in public, trying to get the attention of press and voters. Why are these staffers harassing the press, then?

Again, reporters were bullied by Biden’s staff as they waited outside a venue. They were told to leave the area, despite it being a public space.

As bad as all that sounds, this isn’t even the start of Biden’s hostility towards the press. Back in 2013, one of Biden’s staffers forced a reporter to delete all their pictures of Biden—from a public event.

In 2011, a journalist from the Orlando Sentinel was confined to a storage closet during a Florida fundraiser for then-Sen. Bill Nelson that the vice president was attending in order to prevent him from interacting with other guests, who had paid $500 to attend…

“When I’d stick my head out, they’d say, ‘Not yet. We’ll let you know when you can come out,'” Powers said to Drudge.

Powers said he was in the storage closet for an hour and fifteen minutes. [Source: Fox News]

When as it ever been okay for politicians to treat reporters like this? Imagine what they would say if Donald Trump forced reporters into closets or made them delete photos? The press would freak out. They already claim he’s an enemy of the First Amendment over his comments on the media.

Yet the left-wing news in our country doesn’t care that Joe Biden is man-handling reporters? His staffers behave like mafia enforcers, pushing reporters around like they are above the rules.

Seems like Democrats think they can behave any way they want and the media will look the other way. So far, Biden has been accused of groping women, colluding with China and Ukraine, and allowing his staff to abuse reporters.

Nobody in the mainstream media says boo.

I guess it’s up to us to spread the word.

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