Biden Picks The Worst Person Possible To Lead Deportation Efforts

The attorney that President Biden has just appointed to prosecute illegals who are facing deportation has previously supported sanctuary policies and represented criminal illegals in court.

Joe Biden has appointed Kerry E. Doyle to be the leader for the ICE agency’s Office of the Principal Legal Advisor which is the office that prosecutes illegals facing deportation from the country.

Doyle, as some news outlets have reported, is an immigration lawyer out of Boston, who famously co-filed the lawsuit against Trump’s travel ban back in 2017 that stopped immigration from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Venezuela.

Ultimately, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that this travel ban was constitutional, underscoring a president’s complete authority over immigration in the interest of the country.

Doyle’s record also includes starting sanctuary legislation in local towns and being a critic of ICE as an enforcer of immigration laws. Jon Feere, with the Center for Immigration Studies, says that Doyle “is a strong supporter for sanctuary policies” and has pushed for legislation that would stop local police from even asking about a person’s immigration status.

Her appointment is like putting an arsonist in charge of a fire dept. and the DHS inspector general must keep a close watch on her involvement in litigation to ensure there is not a conflict of interest.

Disturbingly, by going against the 287(g) program, Doyle supported the release of illegals arrested for a range of crimes including manslaughter, armed robbery and carjacking, child rape, strangulation of a pregnant woman, assault on a 60+/disabled person, kidnapping, home invasion, cocaine trafficking, to name a few crimes.

In a letter to Joe Biden, the President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Dan Stein, calls Doyle “the wrong person for the job at the worst possible time.”

Joe Biden has tried to prosecute and deport less illegals with executive action at ICE. Back in June, prosecutors with ICE were forced to institute “prosecutorial discretion” when thinking about which illegals they should prioritize for deportation.

And last week, he unveiled new “sanctuary nation” orders that try to protect most of the 11 to 22 million illegals living in the country from deportation.

Author: Scott Dowdy