Biden Picks Anti-Trump Whacko For Top Position

Joe Biden is filling his cabinet and stocking his federal government full of Anti-Trump conspiracy theorists.

The latest is Thomas Nides, a former State Department official who Biden plans to nominate for U.S. Ambassador to Israel – arguably the most important diplomatic role as tensions in the region reach a boiling point.

Nides is an Anti-Trump conspiracy theorist, sharing unfounded claims on his Twitter account on numerous occasion, including the proposition that Former President Trump hoped to launch a war with Iran.

Recent reports revealed this week that the Biden administration “will almost certainly nominate Nides to be the next ambassador to Israel after other contenders were ruled out.” Unlike Trump, who did so at the start of his presidency, Biden has yet to name his Israel Ambassador. The report noted that Nides has close connections to former President Obama and current Secretary of State Tony Blinken.

Nides has a long history of being on the Far-Left of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. In the past he’s attempted to convince Congress to limit funding for UNESCO – a pro-Israel group, and lobbied to ramp up U.S. payouts for pro-Palestinian groups like the UN Relief and Works Agency. Trump eventually cut funding for the group under his presidency, but the Biden administration is working hard to restore it.

He has also been a vocal critic of the Former President, retweeting conspiracy theories from former Obama officials. Once in 2019, he RT’d former National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes claiming that Trump was provoking war with Iran. Rhodes was a major player in brokering the Iran Nuclear Deal, and often fed the media propaganda about the horrendous agreement.

Nides also seemed to be a big fan of the embattled Lincoln Project — a “Republican” group who’s mission was to expose Trump and take him down any way possible. They speculated that Trump was concealing something in his medical records. The group is now embroiled in scandal and many are distancing themselves after previously voicing support.

Another false claim Nides promoted was that the Former President refused to “honor Americans killed in World War I because it was raining.”

Later documents blew that theory out of the war when it was proven that the Navy, not President Trump, had canceled the event due to inclement weather.

Nides is no stranger to the D.C. “Deep State” and the Wall St. fat cats that fund them. He currently serves and the Managing Directory and Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley. Under the Obama Administration, he worked with Hillary Clinton’s State Department as Deputy of Management and Resources. Nides even testified before Congress when they inquired about the Hillary-backed debacle In Benghazi, Libya – he supported Clinton’s decision to launch an attack in the region.

His twitter account seems to prove his admiration for Sen. Amy Klobachar of Minnesota. Nides even shared a column from the Washington Post bashing Biden for his creepy habit of touching women inappropriately.

Remember NAFTA? Well Nides played a key role in brokering the he horrendous North American Trade Agreement as he served as chief of staff for Mickey Kantor during the negotiations. The trade deal has since been regarded as a tremendous failure, costing many American jobs in the manufacturing sector. Then-President Trump replaced NAFTA with a deal of his own – the USMCA which has resulting in stunning success.

Nides was also considered as a top candidate to be Hillary Clinton’s White House chief of staff if she were to defeat Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Author: Asa McCue