Biden Makes ‘Crude’ Oil Move Much To Trump’s Dismay

Donald Trump echoed the sentiments of most Americans on Tuesday when he expressed disbelief that the United States of America is no longer energy independent, instead relying on benevolent foreign actors to stabilize gas prices.

Only one year ago America was pumpin’!

The Keystone XL Pipeline was open, oil companies were booming, and working class Americans enjoyed the benefits of a minimally regulated oil and gas market.

Jobs were had and the price per gallon was minimal — but those days are long gone now that Biden’s taken the helm.

And this is all by design.

One day one of his presidency Joe Biden destroyed or reversed key Trump-era energy policies that guaranteed America’s independence from foreign oil cartels. But the Biden administration doesn’t want the United States to become energy independent; they don’t want Americans getting used to low gas prices and an abundancy of oil.

That would destroy the federal government’s corporate investments in electric vehicles and other climate change initiatives.

You see, Joe Biden was influenced by corporate lobbyist even on the campaign trail. His intention was to replicate the European model by attempting to make gas impossible to afford and generally “out of fashion” such that Americans would no longer chose gas-guzzling cars and see anyone who did as “backwards.”

It’s a total cultural shift, a radical transformation of the American economy and way of life.

But, unfortunately for Biden and the globalist fascists surrounding him, America likes oil; we require it to keep goods and services down; we need it to get to work and feed our families.

No one understood this better than Former President Donald Trump, who expressed his dismay over Biden’s decision to release 50 million barrels of oil for the strategic reserve in an attempt to quell political unrest.

He released a statement decrying Biden’s decision to deplete the oil reserve.

Trump said he invested in filling up America’s oil back-ups after no president would, claiming they are “for serious emergencies, like war.”

But after OPEC countries declined Biden’s request to produce more oil, the cognitively deficient president is finding himself in a politically impossible situation.

Do nothing and watch gas prices continue to rise which would tank any chances of Democrat victories in ’22 and ’24, or give the appearance of taking action while simultaneously setting the country up for failure if a real emergency did arise.

Meanwhile, Trump is utter disbelief that his progress is being destroyed day after day.

Here’s hoping Biden’s endless failures awaken the battered American soul into never voting for Democrats again.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney