Biden Loses It — Snaps At Reporter Over Mental Health Question

President Trump continues to turn up the heat on Joe Biden. His campaign frequently calls out Biden’s past policy and frequent gaffes. Now, he wants to debate the Democrat earlier in the election cycle. Joe Biden followed that up with a bizarre and uncomfortable rant after a host asked him a simple question.

In recent weeks, Democrats have actually said that Joe Biden should back out of the debates. Sure, that’s a winning strategy, Joe. Prove everything Trump says about you is right by skipping out on this storied tradition. But Democrats have good reason to fear. Joe doesn’t seem all that mentally fit.

Donald Trump’s campaign has hammered Biden over his policy as a senator and vice president. Joe cozied up to enemies like China as the communist country robbed us blind. Then there’s the frequent mistakes and gaffes that might prove Joe Biden is suffering mental decline.

Trump decided to turn up the heat again, saying he wants to hold the first debate much earlier.

President Trump on Wednesday morning called for the first presidential debate to be moved up, citing increased mail-in and early voting that will see many ballots cast in the presidential election before the first debate is held. [Source: Fox News]

The first debate is actually held at the end of September when some states have already sent out ballots or hosted early voting. Trump believes Americans should see both candidates debate before casting their ballots.

But that might not be great for Joe, whose campaign strategy appears to revolve around dragging his feet. He’s delayed announcing his running mate. He might not even appear at the Democrats’ convention. Some are urging him to back out of the debates, which would doom his chances.

He’s not doing himself any favors, though, in recent interviews. When a host asked him a simple question about taking a cognitive test, Joe Biden loses it.

Joe Biden bristled at a question about whether or not he has taken a cognitive test, asking an interviewer Tuesday morning whether he would pass a drug test and stumbling over his words several times in the course of one minute…

“No, I haven’t taken a test! Why the hell would I take a test? C’mon, man!”

Biden then challenged Barnett, “That’s like saying you, before you got in this program, if you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?”

“I’m so forward looking to have an opportunity to sit with the president — or stand with the president — in debates,” he insisted (emphasis added).

“I am very willing to let the American people judge my physical, mental fil–my physical as well as my mental fil–fitness,” he concluded. [Source: Breitbart]

You probably have seen the clip already, but it’s pretty hard to watch. In trying to prove he’s mentally fit to be president, Joe Biden might have proved the opposite.

The man admits he never took a test, although previously he’s said he has. He kind of insults the black reporter by asking him if he’s taken a “junkie” test. Then he fumbles over talking about the debates and painfully can’t even say “fitness.”

Biden says the American people will decide if he’s fit or not. Um… really, Joe? You refuse to take a cognitive fitness test. What do we have to go on to decide if you’re fit or not? Just these awful interviews where you slur your words, get easily confused, lose your temper, and stumble over basic sentences.

What else can we conclude, except that Joe isn’t fit? Bringing the debate earlier or later, he just might not be up to the task.

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