Biden Loses All Grip On Reality As Pressure From Failures Mounts

Somebody must’ve shot Joe Biden up with the good drugs before his speech last night.

The cognitively deficient “commander in chief” addressed the nation on Tuesday following the complete abandonment of American citizens in Afghanistan. Joe was crazed; he blurted out his pre-written speech with such a forceful delivery, many walked away feeling incredibly uncomfortable.

Despite claiming to take responsibility for every military decision in Afghanistan, Joe Biden lashed out at everyone — his critics, Former President Donald Trump, and even Americans stranded in Kabul.

The speech was bizarre, awkward, and widely criticized.

As per usual, Biden wrapped up by turning his back on reports while refusing to take any questions from the press, even as hundreds of Americans remain stranded in the war torn Afghanistan.

He failed to acknowledge the broken promise often repeated on the campaign trail and most recently in an interview with ABC News. Joe Biden claimed “no one would be left behind,” a political mantra used endlessly while campaigning and since taking over the White House.

Biden claimed that the mission, which resulted in hundreds of Americans being left behind and 13 dead U.S. service members, was an “extraordinary success.”

Biden originally set the withdrawal deadline back in April to September 11 and changed it, later this summer, to August 31 directly after Donald Trump heavily criticized the Sep. 11 pullout.

Biden once again pinned blame for the debacle on the Afghan national security forces, which he falsely claimed had 300,000 members to fight the Taliban.

What the “commander in chief” fails to realize – or admit – is his decision to pull U.S. air support from the region, crippling the Afghan army, and making it impossible for them to operate.

Biden appeared to try to downplay the hundreds of Americans who were left behind by claiming that the administration had “reached out 19 times to Americans in Afghanistan with multiple warnings and offers to help them leave Afghanistan all the way back as far as March.”

Now it’s up to “diplomacy,” according to the barely functioning president, that will secure the evacuations of Americans left stranded across Afghanistan.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Biden speech if there wasn’t some Trump blame peppered throughout it.

“I either follow through on the commitment made by the last administration and leave Afghanistan, or say we weren’t leaving, and commit another tens of thousands more troops going back to war,” Biden said, presenting a false choice to get himself off the hook.

Bottom line: he’s a liar.

Top military leaders in the Biden administration reportedly told the president that only a small force of as few as 3,000 troops could keep things stable in the country and allow the Afghan military to fight the Taliban.

After blaming everyone but himself, Biden gave us the cherry on top of a turd sundae.

His final words: “I take responsibility.”

Author: Asa McCue