Biden Loses All Control During Jaw-Dropping Interview

Joe Biden has officially lost control of the narrative — and the entire world is baring witness.

The Biden-worshiping Mainstream Media seems to have turned on Sleepy Joe, especially after the failed pullout of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

The harrowing images coming out of the embattled Middle East country since falling to the Taliban have shocked and disturbed the entire world, and Biden is struggling to maintain control of the conversation.

After days of hiding in a basement somewhere, hoping the entire debacle would blow over, Joe Biden finally emerged. Sleepy Joe sat down for an exclusive interview with some Fake News hack in an attempt to change the perception of his military failure and defend his actions.

And he seems to have taken some personal grooming tips from Former President Donald Trump.

Did anyone notice Biden’s pumpkin-colored spray tan?

The interview was the first time Biden took questions about the crisis in Afghanistan in eight days. But he did not appear prepared.

Biden snapped at Stephanopoulos for asking about Afghan people rushing a plane as it took off the runway in the airport in Kabul, some even falling to their deaths as it took off.

Meanwhile, Stephanopoulos failed to check on Biden on his utter lie, given the events occurred less than three days ago.

When asked what he thought about the images, Biden replied that he reacted by wanting the military to get in control of the situation — avoiding any sense of emotion about scenes that shocked the world.

When Stephanopoulos asked if he could have handled the withdrawal better, Biden denied it.

The president also appeared defiant against his critics in the interview, calling his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan a “simple choice” rather than a task that he and his team could have planned and executed much better.

But in recent days, Biden has already deployed 6,000 troops to Afghanistan to help facilitate the evacuation process as the security situation in the capital city of Kabul collapsed.

All of the conciliatory messages he shared with the public during his speech at the White House on Monday melted away.

When Biden was confronted with his claim in July that the Taliban would not take over Afghanistan, Biden admitted that intelligence suggested the Afghanistan government would collapse by the end of the year.

Under pressure from the interviewer, Biden finally committed to leaving American troops in Afghanistan beyond the August 31 deadline if necessary, a commitment both his press secretary Jen Psaki and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan refused to make during a press briefing on Tuesday.

Biden continues to struggle with criticism of his sloppy exit from Afghanistan, but the White House does not appear willing to put him back on camera to answer more questions about it.

On Wednesday, the president tried to refocus America’s priorities on the coronavirus pandemic, spending more time attacking unvaccinated Americans and Republican governors than reassuring Americans that he would get all citizens out of Afghanistan.

He walked out of the room after his speech, ignoring shouted questions from reporters who stood watching in disbelief.

The president has locked down his schedule for Thursday as there are no public events scheduled and no press briefings.

Despite Biden’s failure to address the controversy, he may be trying to squeeze another long weekend at his home in Delaware during the month of August.

Back to the basement Biden goes while the country he proposes to lead crumbles under the tyrannical pressure of COVID fascism and geopolitical chaos.

Author: Asa McCue