Biden Looks The Other Way As Migrant Surge Cripples This Red State

Has the border crisis gotten any better? You should ask the folks in Yuma, Arizona. Biden is supposed to be obeying two federal court orders to resume the “Remain in Mexico” policy. But from all appearances, his administration continues to dump illegal aliens into communities along the border—and across the country.

Throughout this year, over one million illegals have crossed the border. What’s really shocking is we don’t even know what happened to these migrants. Were they removed? Were they let in as “refugees”? Where are they now? Biden knows, but he refuses to tell us.

Because Joe has no intentions of securing the border, more migrants are encouraged to come. And, things have gotten so bad in Yuma, Arizona, that the mayor was forced to take drastic steps.

Yuma, Arizona, Mayor Douglas Nicholls declared a city state of emergency last week due to the numbers of migrants entering the city…

The city has less than 100,000 residents, but in five days last week, more than 6,000 illegal migrants traveled from Mexico through the Yuma area into the United States.

The first weekend of December alone, more than 4,000 migrants were apprehended by Border Patrol agents in the Yuma area…

By making the proclamation, Yuma will be eligible for state and federal funding to address the crisis. [Source: Just the News]

The sad reality is the federal government will not provide any help to Yuma. The state will try, but short of deporting these illegals, there is not much real help they can offer. Thousands of migrants were dumped into this relatively small community. They lack the resources to deal with these illegal immigrants. Even the local medical care system is being overtaxed, taking resources away from locals.

On top of that, these migrants are trampling over Yuma’s farms, leading to crop destruction. Now, its becoming a problem that will affect far more than just the locals.

Does Biden really think this is a sustainable agenda? Does he think he can keep letting in millions of illegal aliens and we’ll just put up with it? We know that Democrats have been encouraging illegal immigration for years, because they try to exploit migrants for votes. But do they really think this country can hold it together, as foreigners invade like an army?

They don’t seem to really care. As long as Biden gets what he wants, he’ll be happy. And that apparently seems to be the destruction of the American economy and the fabric of our society, so he can impose socialism.

But the more he refuses to deal with the border, the more Americans turn their backs on him. Biden can’t keep ignoring this crisis and think he can win. Democrats are poised for face a dramatic bloodletting come next year. And the longer they delay dealing with the border, the worse it will be for them.

Author: Alex Sanderson