Biden Lays Groundwork For Gov’t Takeover Of Private Retailers

You better believe when a Democrat identifies a problem, he will create a government solution — even if that means total takeover of private industries.

‘Bottleneck’ Biden attempted to pass blame for a supply and demand crisis currently usurping the United States. He blamed private retailers such as Wal Mart, Target, Home Depot, etc, for not doing enough to combat the shipping and inflation issues even though he’s the culprit.

On Wednesday, the mentally retarded president warned bold action would be taken if these private companies didn’t do more to alleviate the clogged ports. His speech at the White House was a clear indication that the federal government is willing and able to nationalize entire private industries to ensure they remain on the winning side of an upcoming political battle.

Worker shortages (due to vaccine mandates and unnecessary unemployment benefits), and heavy traffic has caused industry-wide frustration as container ships are left at ports by embattled trucking companies. Instead of making the United States economy more worker-friendly – that is, eliminating bureaucratic red tape, cutting taxes, not paying people more to stay unemployed, and forcing medial treatment – the Biden administration has made it more disadvantageous to make an honest living.

Biden announced that the Los Angeles port had agreed to move to a 24/7 schedule for operations, which could speed up offloading capacities, even though a similar effort at the Long Beach port failed to attract more truckers available to ship goods.

This announcement came after he met with CEOs of Wal-Mart, Target, and the Home Depot, noting they were on board with his 24/7 plan.

The dazed and confused president warned there was only a “potential” of his plan succeeding, noting that private companies are responsible for utilizing the extra hours and paying truckers and railcar companies to move the goods off of the docks.

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union also requires significantly higher overtime pay for any work done outside of normal hours.

The Long Beach port and the Los Angeles port handles about 40% of cargo imports into the United States.

The president praised his “bottleneck czar John Porcari for his success at solving issues at the ports, even though delays continue, prices are skyrocketing, and shelves are rapidly emptying.

“He’s done one heck of a job,” Biden concluded.

We would hate to see what Biden considers poor job performance.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth