Biden Just Made The Biggest Mistake Of His Political Career

The Biden administration can’t conceal their crimes on the southern border for much longer.

Many photos and videos of the nightmarish conditions in Biden’s border camps have surfaced, putting the administration in predicament by refusing to allow reporters. Finally, Biden officials have allowed two journalists and a film crew to capture the disturbing conditions Biden is foisting upon illegal immigrants.

What was captured at the border camp in Donna, Texas should concern every American.

The shocking photos and video show more than 4,100 children are currently being held in a facility with a capacity of 250 — 1,700 percent above capacity.

Space is limited – in the migrant facility and in the United States – but Biden’s border officials continue to welcome unaccompanied migrant children with open arms.

Customs and Border Patrol allowed two reporters and a camera crew – both from highly-liberal mainstream media outlets – to enter the Donna facility on March 30. The press immediately noticed broken federal laws, namely the 72-hour limit on unaccompanied minor children in temporary border camps.

Overcrowding was instantly apparent, according to another journalist allowed to enter.

Oscar Escamilla, the acting senior officer in the region, revealed to a reporter that more than 300 migrant children enter the Donna, Texas facility on a daily basis – and far less than that leave.

Journalists observed the children undergo a series of medical tests during processing. Border officials claim all migrant children are checked for lice, scabies, and other conditions. However, they’ve seemed to have forgotten that America is still knee-deep in a global pandemic.

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