Biden Is Drowning Shame – Refuses To Face His Failures

The fall of Afghanistan will go down as one of the biggest presidential failures in American history. Today, we know that Joe Biden knew the Taliban had 15,000 troops preparing for an invasion. He was told by many experts and top military officials not to withdraw troops in the summer. Yet all he cared about was appearing victorious in the media, to add a jewel to his crown.

Biden abandoned Americans and Afghan allies, as he allowed the Taliban to take over city after city. The democratic government of Afghanistan crumbled and the president fled. Biden hastily sent back troops to evacuate thousands left in peril. But his disorderly operation led to a terror attack. He pulled out a day earlier than the deadline, leaving hundreds of U.S. citizens stranded.

A real president would admit his failures and that Afghanistan was a defeat. But Joe Biden—appears to be working for the radical left and China—refuses to admit he was wrong. And he continues to pound him “America last” drum.

Biden began by describing the military evacuation as a success, defying critics of his rushed exit from the country after the Taliban seized control of Kabul on August 15…

Biden was 44 minutes late for his scheduled speech — even though it was already rescheduled from earlier in the afternoon. He began his speech by nearly shouting from the podium as he defended his efforts…

The president also defended leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan, arguing that 90 percent of Americans who wanted to leave were evacuated. Biden said the decision to leave on August 31 was a decision supported by his military and civilian advisors…

Biden again blamed his predecessor for empowering the Taliban in Afghanistan, arguing he had no intention of staying longer than August 31. [Source: Breitbart]

Biden arrogantly defended his decision, showing no trace of humility or contrition. Even as American lives were lost and hundreds remain in peril, he pretends like this was “Mission Accomplished.”

It’s amazing to see this robot of a man continue to push this narrative, when nobody is buying it. Even the liberal media and Democrat voters are outraged over Biden’s terrible decision-making, non-planning, and stubborn defiance of the facts.

He even blamed stranded Americans by claiming they wanted to stay in Afghanistan. Uh… what? Is anyone believing that a single American wants to stay in a war-torn land now run by a murderous regime?

Biden is showing his true colors and the true colors of his party. He expected the media to praise his efforts, regardless of what would happen. And he expects the dumb masses to just blindly believe what the MSM said. But as public opinion is turning, Biden—always a stubborn, prideful man that demands respect—refuses to change course.

But what else can we expect? He is a puppet, picked by the left to blindly do their bidding. He follows the wishes of globalists and lobbyists and refuses to realize the American public hates him.

Author: Sam Graham