Biden Humiliates Every Black American During ‘Day of Death’ Speech

Joe Biden, if he’s known for anything, he’s known for his embarrassing and insulting gaffes. Back in the day, they came across as simply folksy. But these days, they are a sign of something deeply disturbing about the man.

Over the last few years, we’ve pointed to many, many instances where Biden has said something truly offensive and unacceptable. You just can’t chalk it up to forgetfulness or getting tongue-tied. Biden appears to be showing signs of mental decline. And as he gets worse, he is losing his ability to filter his true feelings toward Americans.

Most disturbing is his attitude toward black Americans. Once upon a time, he claimed that “poor children” were just as smart as “white children.” Then there was the infamous “you ain’t black” comment about black Trump supporters. But those were just the tip of the iceberg.

Biden appeared at an event to honor a day of death. As he was trying to push his divisive, racial agenda, he made an insane statement about black entrepreneurs.

“The data shows young black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding given the chance as white entrepreneurs are,” Biden said. “But they don’t have lawyers. They don’t have, they don’t have accountants, but they have great ideas…

Jeffrey A Dove Jr.: “Why is it that every time he speaks about the black community he makes us seem incapable of the simplest tasks? Whether it’s getting an ID card, using the internet to make an appointment or now this.”

Jon Gabriel: “This just in: Young Black entrepreneurs have lawyers and accountants.”

Brit Hume: “How is this not a racist comment?”

Rita Panahi: “Biden & his bigotry of low expectations…blacks can’t get ID to vote or use computers to book vaccine appointments or hire accountants when in business.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden appeared in Tulsa to remember a massacre. While Trump attended events to honor American greatness and success, Biden goes out of his way to remind black people about tragedies of the past. You might think that’s harmless, until you hear what he said about them.

Like most Democrats, Biden wants black people to see themselves as constant victims. He reminds them about every time their ancestors were hurt by white people–to further drive a wedge between black and white Americans. Then he belittles black business owners by saying they can’t compete with white people, because they don’t have lawyers or accountants.

Can anyone run a business today without legal support from a lawyer or financial work from an accountant? Is Biden really that stupid?

I have a question, was that in his prepared remarks or something he said off the cuff? Because I doubt the 20-somethings who actually do Biden’s work for him would put that in a speech (unless they are really stupid).

That sounds like one of many insulting remarks Biden has made about black Americans. Yet the left just shrugs it off as if nothing happened. Imagine what they’d say if Trump made this comment.

Do we really want a president that thinks so little of our black friends and neighbors? Do Democrats really think we can succeed with a racist like this in the White House?

Of course, they don’t. Biden is just a useless, old, racist puppet. They’ll have their way with him, then discard him when it’s convenient. But in the meantime, he does irreparable damage to our country.

Author: Tom Anderson