Biden Humiliated During Televised Speech — It’s Back To The Basement For Joe

It’s no secret that Joe Biden’s mental health isn’t where it should be. He and his Democrat supporters have tried to dodge the question for a while, but the evidence is mounting up. Biden frequently shows signs that his health is in decline and his cognitive abilities are far from strong.

How can anyone take this guy seriously, when he shuffles around like a resident of a nursing home? Whenever he speaks, he appears tired, confused, and disinterested in what he is saying. As America faced one crisis after another this year, Biden was effectively MIA, unwilling to put in the time to deal with these growing problems.

And if you don’t believe his mental facilities are failing, take a look at the latest example.

President Joe Biden accidentally read the words “end of message” from his notes during his eulogy for former Sen. Bob Dole (R-KS) on Capitol Hill Thursday.

Reading off of his notes, the president quoted Dole on the importance of “principles over party.”

Biden continued, “And then the message said, end of message.”

The president did not correct himself but continued speaking from his notes as he concluded the eulogy. [Source: Breitbart]

Does anyone still pretend like Biden has any shred of capability left? For months after he entered office, his staff kept him away from the public. When he did make appearances, they prevented reporters from asking questions. Even when he started doing press conferences, the White House tightly controlled what people could say, if they could ask anything at all. Most of the time, Biden continues to ignore the media.

We all know why. Whenever he goes “off script,” he makes a mess of things. The aging Democrat cannot be trusted to make sense when speaking for himself. Even when he has some prepared, he fumbles it, as he did at Dole’s funeral. It’s like something out of a comedy skit. Biden reads “end of message,” the part of the text you’re not supposed to read.

Clearly, he is rapidly losing his abilities. With each passing day, it seems Biden is less aware of himself. How long before he’s a literal puppet, pushed around by a White House aide like a stuffed doll? And yet we are supposed to take his toxic, failed agenda seriously when we know it isn’t even his?

When is Congress going to act? When are members of his own party going to act, simply out of human decency? To let this farce go on is tantamount to elder abuse. The Democratic Party is exploiting this man to push a radical agenda. They are using a man with failing mental faculties, so they can force through a massive spending bill that will make their buddies rich.

It’s criminal, no matter how you slice it.

If Congress had a shred of decency, they’d demand a cognitive test. And if Biden fails, they need to remove him from office.

Author: David Jackson