Biden Hits Nuclear Button To Force Through Radical Agenda

At least he’s finally coming out and saying it.

The man who on multiple occasions defended the necessity of the Senate’s filibuster rule is now having a radical change of heart after it appears his entire political agenda has no chance of proceeding.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden gave a speech in Atlanta where he finally revealed himself as the tyrant most of us could see early on. He called on Democrats to change Senate rules and eliminate the filibuster to pass his extremely concerning voting rights agenda.

The filibuster, a rule requiring a 60-vote majority to pass most legislation, has been a mainstay in American electoral politics, adding another layer to the checks-and-balances system that prevents men like Joe Biden from crowbarring through America-destroying legislation.

Biden in March 2021 said that he wasn’t in favor of abolishing or even reforming the filibuster, a stance the left-wing of the Democratic Party has railed against for much of his time in office.

With what appears to be an extra shot of “the good stuff,” Biden began slamming his hand on the podium to emphasize his strong support of destroying the filibuster.

“I’ve been having these quiet conversations with members of Congress for the past two months. I’m tired of being quiet.”

Then he just comes right out and says it!

 “And if that bare minimum is blocked, we have no option but to change the Senate rules, including getting rid of the filibuster.”

You can watch Joe Biden’s terrifying speech here:



Biden tied the decision to his administration’s effort to pass voting rights legislation, arguing that Republicans and former President Donald Trump are working to subvert democracy. Biden says Trump only failed to overturn the results of the 2020 elections thanks to local election officials, individuals he argues may be replaced with “Trump loyalists” by the next election.

But if local election officials were able to stave off Trump’s big, bad attacks against democracy while the filibuster was still in place, why now do Democrats need to abolish it?

Funny how that works…

However, Biden’s calls to eliminate the filibuster are stifled by arguably the most important Senator currently in office. West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin continues to be a huge obstacle and again voiced his opposition to changing Senate rules.

“We need some good rules changes to make the place work better. But getting rid of the filibuster doesn’t make the place work better,” Manchin told reporters Tuesday.

If Manchin holds strong, we can expect a very tumultuous (and entertaining) 2022.

Author: Asa McCue