Biden-Harris Humiliated On a Worldwide Scale

The media can continue to criticize Donald Trump all they want. But the fact remains that when he was in charge, America was a world leader. Trump’s uncompromising vision and America-first attitude won respect from leaders all across the globe. Many nations, who would rather pull a fast one on the U.S., had no choice but to shoot straight and negotiate, knowing that Trump would not buckle under any circumstances.

Today, it is nothing like that. Joe Biden is a fool suffering from mental decline. And his second-in-command is a child who laughs when asked tough questions. Clearly, this “dynamic duo” is incapable of leading on the world stage. And already countries are taking advantage.

China is playing games with the global economy. Russia is trying to take over Europe’s energy industry. Iran is sending ships across the Atlantic. And even our “allies” in Central and South America are shaking us down for blood money. Are these the actions of nations that respect Biden and Harris? Of course not.

And one representative is saying what the world must be thinking.

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-Mo.) criticized the leadership of the Biden administration, saying that other countries have “got to look at us and say, ‘Well, you’ve got a bunch of clowns in charge of your country right now.'”…

“It shows a weakness of our leadership team with Harris and Biden,” Luetkemeyer said on the “John Solomon Reports” podcast. “I think she’s sitting there like a teenager, sort of laughing and chuckling and trying to hope that ‘you don’t ask me a really tough question and hope you think my smile and my little giggle here is going to get me off the hook.’…

“If you’re all the rest of the countries in the world watching us, what do you think their impression would be? It can’t be positive. They’ve got to look at us and say, ‘Well, you’ve got a bunch of clowns in charge of your country right now. And you guys are going to suffer for it.'” [Source: Just the News]

Biden and Harris inherited a nation that previously had a tax revenue surplus, that has amazing jobs numbers, and even achieved peace in the Middle East. Even during the pandemic, America’s recovery was like a rocket. Yet all that opportunity was squandered. We have growing inflation, a jobs shortage, supply and goods shortages, and a border about to collapse.

Why wouldn’t the world laugh at us? We have idiots in the White House.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t have an ounce of the leadership skills of Trump and Pence. They are puppets, installed by a corrupt Democratic Party who wants to drain America of its wealth and resources. It’s clear they don’t care about the well-being of Americans or our allies abroad. So, the world’s worst crooks are taking advantage of us as much as they can.

Does anyone really think Biden can stand up to China, Russia, or Iran? Hell, he can’t even stand up on his own power most days. And Harris is even less impressive than Sleepy Joe. She was clearly tapped for the job because of her race and gender—not ability to think, reason, or make decisions.

But the morally bankrupt media, Democratic Party, and D.C. establishment don’t care. They are all seeking to cash out, before the party’s over. Corrupt Democrats are trying to drain the country dry, before this whole thing collapses.

In a few years, when our economy is wrecked, inflation out of control, and our businesses flee overseas, it will be up to Republicans to rebuild the country. If they can.

Let’s hope we can survive long enough to see it.

Author: Timothy Jones