Biden Goes Nuts During The Worst Speech Of His Career

Joe Biden is a sham, a fraud, a crook. He’s a 50+ year veteran politician who has lied his way to the top. The cognitively-deficient president has delivered numerous lie-filled speeches, but the one he gave yesterday in Philadelphia takes the cake.

Speaking on “voter suppression,” Biden ranted and raved against the recent push by state Republicans to ensure election integrity by passing landmark legislation. His assessment of the bills were so dishonest, so vitriolic, that it’s hard to even listen to the entire speech in it’s entirety.

However, this speech does differ from others Biden has given since assuming office in the White House. Unlike many in the past, the nearly-80-year-old president doesn’t stutter, stammer, or lose his place, nor does he seem confused or unaware of what’s going on around him. His doctors must’ve shot him up with something good this time! While it was disturbing to watch his past speeches as it’s become aware that Joe is not at all present, the content of his latest speech remains the most disturbing part.

The entire premise of Biden’s speech was to prove that state Republicans are attempting to prevent an entire minority group from voting by passing election bills that bolster voter ID laws and require signature verification for mail-in-ballots. Texas became Biden’s main target; he singled out the Lone Star State during his relentless diatribe comparing its new election bill and that of the Jim Crow era.

Be Warned: these clips will make you want to rip your hair out:

The old and decrepit president channels chief nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels when citing the “big lie” in an effort to disparage Trump, Republicans, or anyone else who raised concerns over the 2020 election. Biden seems to use the phrase without any hesitation despite it’s murderous, anti-Semitic connotation, borrowing the phrase from many of the hacks from CNN that gladly use the phrase on a nightly basis.

However, the “big lie” isn’t coming from the Republicans this time, it’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth, the cognitively-declining president.

Biden blurted out the most asinine, racist claims made by a modern American president, stating the entire purpose behind the GOP election bills is to prevent the black population from voting. There is no evidence of this whatsoever; it’s just a flat-out lie. The security measures put in place by passing these bills apply to every race equally. The only reason Democrats weaponize race in an attempt to halt the legislation is because they have no credible argument against them — they just want to keep cheating elections.

When Biden mentions “receiving ballots,” what he’s complaining about is Texas not allowing third-party groups to blast out absentee ballots to those that didn’t even request them. There is no logical reason that needs to be done, and doing so is a ripe breeding ground for ballot harvesting as we’ve seen in California.

The lies continue…

Jim Crow laws directly stopped one race of people from voting. The laws were passed to prevent the black population from even entering a polling place. The comparison between the modern day election integrity bills and those of the Jim Crow era are moribund, false, and completely irresponsible for a United States president to be making. Every time Biden or his Democrat cohorts make this comparison, or invoke Nazism, to condemn Republicans, it’s a major slap in the face to people who actually experienced such oppression. How does outlawing drive-thru voting have anything to do with Jim Crow, especially when this was only a recent phenomenon?

It doesn’t stop there. Here’s where Biden goes fully crazy:

We can be assured Biden did not write this speech, but whoever it was needs to read a book or delve into American history a little further before taking pen to paper. Where are Republicans throwing out Democrat ballots? How do Democrats always lose in non-Democrat areas when they made huge gains in 2018? On what planet is the GOP like the Kremlin? But hey, extra points for injecting Russia, Russia, Russia into this.

To put it lightly, this speech was absolutely insane. It was offensive, full of lies, and an embarrassment to the nation. It’s also dangerous in its divisiveness. Biden throws unity out the door despite the numerous promises of the contrary.

Media operatives will not condemn Biden’s lies. In fact, Biden will be praised because that’s how things always go. I’m not sure anyone outside the beltway is buying it, though.

Author: Asa McCue