Biden Goes Berserk — Shouts Expletives At Everyone In Spitting Distance

At we know he has some energy left.

Joe Biden is growing desperate for a legislative win. His political agenda is tanking and he’s yet to secure any formative action besides the failures that seem to mount up by the day. His frustration is growing, especially at the moderate lawmakers within his own party. He expects Republicans to fight against his radical agenda, but he demands that Democrats follow suit.

The demented “president” reportedly issued a stern warning to Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin over his reluctance to back a multi-trillion-dollar COVID-19 stimulus package.

According to reports, Biden called Manchin on March 5, the eve of the Senate’s vote on the package to convince him to join Democrats.

“If you don’t come along, you’re really f***ing me!” Biden shouted at Manchin.

At the time, Manchin, a moderate, was considered the key swing vote after he expressed concerns about the high cost of the package. He remains the lynch pin that could secure Joe Biden and the radical Democrats a massive win, or tank their agenda entirely.

On the day of the alleged phone call, Manchin compromised with his fellow Senate Democrats over a disagreement involving an unemployment benefits proposal included in the package. Democrats supported funding $400 of weekly unemployment benefits, while the West Virginia senator supported a proposal offered by Republican Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, that would have only included $300 benefits through July 18.

Back in May, the House passed a $3 trillion COVID-19 relief package back, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still trying to pass a $3.5 trillion COVID-19 spending package.

Biden is set to meet Wednesday with Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) as he tries to win support for the economic plan.

The president will speak separately to Manchin and Sinema, both heavily criticizing the proposed $3.5 trillion price tag. Manchin has called on party leaders to hit “the pause button” and delay votes on the package.

The meetings come at a pivotal point for an agenda that Democrats hope will offer a lifeline to households and stymie Republican efforts to win control of Congress next year. Democrat leaders gave party members a Wednesday deadline to make revisions with the hope of sending it to Biden in the coming weeks. But with the growing opposition running rampant in their own party, it appears that the Biden administration will be one wrought with failure, not legislative success.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney