Biden Goes AWOL — Crumbles Under The Pressure Of Responsibility

It’s a sad day in America. For the first time since 2020, American troops are dead in Afghanistan. It looks like at least 11 members of the United State Marine Corps and at least one Navy medic were killed after multiple suicide bombers attacked the Kabul Airport this past Thursday.

Now more than ever, America needs a leader in Biden. Someone who can get up and make the Taliban pay for what they’ve done, or at least comfort America in this time of strife and turmoil. But what’s Biden up to? Hiding in the basement. No one heard anything from him for hours after the attacks. Biden was completely radio silent for hours after military members in service of their country passed away due to the mistakes he’s made and his botched withdrawal.

Instead of addressing the country, President Biden decided it would be a good idea to have a meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennet and other governors to go over their options in the oval office. Never mind the families that just lost their children, fathers, brothers, and loved ones. Biden is ‘too busy’ to come out.

And in a time when military strategy is critical to the future of Americans trapped in Afghanistan, Afghan allies, military troops and America itself, Biden’s strategy is simply to ‘knock on wood’ and hope for the best. While the White House has always said that an attack on Americans would be met with the entire force and power of the US, there’s still be zero response from Biden and anyone in his administration

Jen Psaki, is, of course, running cover for the mentally declining President. She maintains that Biden is going over the contingency plans and receiving briefings on the ‘incredibly serious’ issues. She says they are discussing their options ‘internally.’ And says that everything they do is contingent on the continued coordination with members of the Taliban. Right. Because that’s what we need right now. Coordination with the Taliban. As they come at us in full force, we look weak. Like sitting ducks just groomed for the taking by our enemies. One thing’s for sure, if Biden doesn’t take action now, it’s guaranteed that he never will.

Author: Justin Bateman