Biden Getting Nervous as Disruptions Continue — Asks for Secret Service Help

In recent weeks, we’ve seen protesters and activists disrupt numerous campaign events. Most of them have targeted Joe Biden, as people stormed his stages, shouted over his speeches, and causes general confusion. Now, the former vice president is turning to the Secret Service for help.

The Democratic primaries haven’t been exciting, to say the least. Out of all the candidates that jumped into the fray, none seemed to possess a kind of passion and vision that excites large numbers of voters.

Sure, Bernie Sanders has his “bros,” a legion of far-left supporters that want to turn America into the Soviet Union. But we haven’t seen an energy that will unite the liberal base—or anything to get people excited about their chances.

Honestly, the only thing interesting about the Democratic primaries have been the things that have gone wrong. Americans have watched with glee (and concern) as plans haven’t worked out as the left hoped. Democrat debates have been chaotic, shout-filled, messes. Candidates behaved in bizarre, unorthodox ways. And of course, we can always count on Joe to give us a few unintelligible sound bites.

One of the things that has marked Democratic candidates’ events have been a string of disruptions. Both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden have had people storm their stages and steal the mic from them—all to protest cattle raising. And odd thing to get arrested over, sure. But it has been fun to see these men panic at the sight of small, loud, activist women.

Biden has gotten the brunt of the disruptions, in recent days. People have shouted and carried banners during his meetings. They’ve gotten in his face, complaining about his agenda. Others have just tried to disrupt his speeches.

So, what is a bewildered Democrat to do? Request help from the government, of course.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has requested Secret Service protection as he continues his race toward the Democratic presidential nomination.

The formal request by the Biden camp now triggers a review process by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which will carry out an assessment and with a bipartisan panel of congressional leaders. Following the review, DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf will need to sign off on the authorization to grant Biden protection…

During Biden’s speech in Los Angeles on Super Tuesday night, two women rushed the stage, shouting “let dairy die.” Dr. Jill Biden and Joe Biden’s sister, Valerie, blocked the protesters from touching the former vice president…

Biden recently told NBC that Secret Service protection was becoming “increasingly” necessary. [Source: Fox News]

We all saw that one protest. Several women stormed the stage. Security was pathetically slow at stopping these women from screaming out their idiotic views. But it was Joe’s sister and wife who had to protect the man from these potentially dangerous activists.

Yeah, a real man would have jumped in front of his ladies. But what can you expect from Joe, he’s almost 80?

Honestly, you have to wonder how his current security failed so spectacularly. They should have known that the women waving signs—with crazy looks in their eyes—weren’t planned guests. These men should have stopped them in their tracks.

The Secret Service would have. Those dudes don’t mess around.

Joe will probably get his SS escort. But you have to wonder why he attracts these people. Sure, people have protested Trump’s events. However, those are liberals who don’t like the man’s agenda. The people we see disrupting Joe’s events are actually on his side, in a way. These are leftists who are trying to push a progressive agenda.

And they think they can just jump onto Joe’s stage to proclaim it. Odd, isn’t it?

I’ve never seen Trump supporters try to ruin his events. More often than not, Trump calls up people to celebrate and honor during his rallies. That’s a very different set of circumstances.

Joe, on the other hand, seems to be attracting more weirds than… Bernie Sanders!

That’s pretty bad.

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