Biden Gets Trolled By MAGA-Loving Kids (Viral Pics)


This will surely brighten your day.

Joe Biden is collapsing; his entire administration and the totality of his political agenda has amounted to one giant failure. Things are getting worse for the cognitively deficient president as each day passes.

This glaring fact was highlighted this weekend when Joe Biden toured key landmarks of the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks. Not only was he booed relentlessly while in New York City, but a group of very clever Trump supporting kids put the final nail in Biden’s coffin.

Biden was hilariously trolled on social media after a photo showing him surrounded with kids wearing pro-Trump shirts and hats went viral.

The photo was taken in Shanksville, Pennsylvania as Biden participating in multiple ceremonies honoring fallen victims at the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

A boy standing to Biden’s left was wearing a red T-shirt with the face of former President Donald Trump and the words “Be Back.”

A girl standing to Biden’s right wore a red hat with “Trump” written on it. Another girl in the group wore a hat saying “Make America Great Again” on the front.

Before stumbling into Pennsylvania, Biden was confronted and heckled by enraged Americans in New York City over his disastrous Afghanistan evacuation mission where hundreds of stranded citizens still remain.

Conservative commentators widely circulated the photographs, some noting how embarrassing the events were for Joe Biden.

A famous troll himself, Former President Donald Trump acknowledged the clever MAGA children and their subtle, yet effective takedown of Joe Biden.

The utter embarrassment Joe Biden subjects himself to on a daily basis is indicative of just how the American people feel about the current administration. At every pass, the Biden administration proves that not only was Trump the single greatest president in modern history, but his return – or a return to America First policies – is this country’s only saving grace.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth