Biden Gets Some Very Bad News About His Unconstitutional ‘Mandate’

Plenty has been said about Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate. Last week, he unleashed a firestorm against his presidency, when he announced he would force private companies to require workers to get vaccinated. Many people, from governors to business owners, promised to fight back.

But it seems the plan might fail before even taking off. An agency known as the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (part of the Department of Labor) is being tasked to write this rule and enforce it. They will be the ones to oversee every private company, to make sure they are testing employees weekly or requiring vaccinations.

As you can imagine, this little-known and incompetent agency is unprepared for such a massive task.

“[B]efore the first legal challenges against the mandate roll in, the Biden administration faces the more immediate conundrum of whether the chronically resource-strapped Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is up to the task of enforcing it…”

“With more than 80 million workers covered, ‘OSHA won’t be able to police every employer,’” one labor attorney told Reuters…

Even if the rule survives legal challenges and, subsequently, OSHA’s own administrative challenges, employers, who might have applauded a Biden administration effort to mandate vaccines, are reportedly balking at the cost of weekly COVID-19 testing — an option they must provide to workers who refuse to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden’s insane and unconstitutional rule is already hitting major roadblocks in the very agency that’s supposed to enforce it.

OSHA is understaffed and underfunded. It does not have the manpower to police 80 million U.S. workers and their employers. On top of that, they have historically faced stiff legal battles when pushing rules.

Then there is the fact they will be the people providing testing for those employees who refuse to get vaccinated. Can this agency provide up to 80 million COVID tests a week? (And process them quickly?) I doubt it.

One labor attorney said this would cost millions of dollars a year to “any size company.” Those companies that are doing this already have found it “burdensome and time-consuming” without ensuring health and safety. Good job, Joe.

Another expert said this has created “chaos” in OSHA. Biden’s announcement provided “no clarity” and he has refused to answer a “gargantuan” number of questions.

You see, it’s very easy for a moron like Joe Biden to make this kind of announcement. But, as usual, it falls on the backs of tired, uninspired, and unequipped government workers to make it happen. And it doesn’t seem like OSHA even has a fraction of the resources to make it a reality.

Even if Biden pumped billions of dollars into the agency (which he isn’t planning on doing), they won’t be able to implement this move. It could take years before they get this kind of thing off the ground. By then, will it even still matter?

Author: Mark Anderson