Biden Gets Dealt Another Major Blow – How Much More Can He Take?

It seems that the headlining news—for weeks now—has been Joe Biden’s sinking approval numbers. It’s actually shocking to think that a Democrat administration could see numbers this bad. Even with liberal outlets (who often fudge the numbers) doing what they can to help, Biden’s approval among voters is pathetically low.

What’s even more disturbing is that Biden does nothing to improve them. It’s obvious why Americans are angry at Biden. His policies have triggered inflation, created a border crisis, contributed to worker and supply chain shortages, and outraged Americans over vaccine mandates. The writing’s on the wall. Yet Biden does not reverse course, blaming all the crises on “COVID-19.”

Yeah, Americans ain’t buying it Joe. And now, he’s had his worst poll yet.

One-third of Iowans approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, a Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll survey released over the weekend found.

Biden’s approval rating currently stands at 33 percent in the Hawkeye State — a key swing state — as the Des Moines Register recognizes his ratings have “plummeted since taking office.” He has failed to see a net positive approval rating in Iowa since March. Currently, 62 percent disapprove. [Source: Breitbart]

Iowa is considered a swing state by some and the first stop on presidential primaries. It is often thought of as a “bellwether” state, whose voters can help determine how the rest of the nation will go. And this latest poll reveals 62% of the state disapproves of Biden’s presidency.

He has only a miserable 33% approval among Iowa voters, a new low for his administration. The poll exposed a variety of issues that outraged voters. They disapprove of how he’s handled the pandemic, criminal justice, immigration, and Afghanistan. All major issues Biden has failed tremendously on. And some of the issues he has refused to remedy.

In fact, in all of the issues Biden has failed at the most, he has refused to pull an about-face on any level. He has only doubled down on policies that have not worked and largely ticked off Americans. Have we ever seen a president deliberately ignore Americans and push an agenda that is failing? Is Biden so out-of-his-mind that he doesn’t realize he is ensuring his party’s defeat for years to come?

This poll has the lowest approval numbers for Biden yet. Is it a harbinger of things to come? I’m no psychic, but yes, yet it is. If Iowa is giving him a 33% approval, expect other states to follow. As Biden continues to pursue a failed agenda and thumbs his nose at Americans, his approval will only get lower.

You wonder when Congress will wake up and do something about it?

Author: Peter Anderson