Biden Gets a Very Disappointing ‘Surprise’ Upon Returning To The U.S.

Joe Biden recently returned home from the European wing of his Embarrassment Tour: a sad collection of speaking engagements where he apologized, kowtowed, appeared lost, and even fell asleep, all while globalist leaders strategized on how to lock down the world again.

Upon touch down Biden looked bewildered by what had transpired in his absence (not that he could do anything except make it worse.)

Not only had his “Build Back Better” initiative fail to gain any traction amongst lawmakers, but the man he campaigned for less than a week prior, Terry McAuliffe, failed to secure a victory as Virginia’s next governor.

Biden knew the gubernatorial race in Virginia was a bellwether, a clear indicator of what’s to come in ’22 and ’24, but he still didn’t put two and two together; he doesn’t understand what went wrong.

Instead of taking a step back to reflect on his failed policies and the utter unpopularity of his massive spending framework, Joe Biden blamed his party’s multiple failures on their inability pass mainstay legislation, which happens to be the backbone of his presidency.

When asked by a reporter if he bore any responsibility for Democrat failure in Virginia, Biden deflected blame to the legislative branch, claiming their inability to pass his “Build Back Better” framework was the key to GOP success.

He went on to essentially admit he was failing the American people:

In what is now a poorly aged video, Joe Biden claimed on Tuesday that his freefall in the polls and inability to deliver on legislative promises will hold no baring in Virginia’s gubernatorial election.

“We’re gonna win,” the cognitively deficient president said confidently.

…well…what happened, Joe?

Youngkin’s victory is a first for any Republican in over a decade in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Joining him are Republicans Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares, winning Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, respectively.

Republicans also appear to have flipped six seats in the Virginia State House, a margin that would give Republicans a majority in the state legislature.

However, one member of Biden’s administration admitted the truth about the matchup between Youngkin and McAuliffe.

Kamala Harris, who also campaigned for the Virginia Democrat, said the quiet part out loud, claiming the results of the Tuesday election “will in a large part determine” Democrats’ future in ’22 and ’24.

You said it, Kamala!

Author: Asa McCue