Biden Finally Makes 2024 Decision After Democrats & Republicans Beg Him To Step Down

Have we ever seen a president crash and burn faster than Joe Biden? Many are comparing him to Jimmy Carter. That’s an insult to Jimmy. Biden has not only tanked our economy, but he destroyed our border, gave Afghanistan to terrorists, and trampled all over our liberties. And it’s only been one year!

Biden’s approval tanked rapidly throughout the Summer, after he failed in Afghanistan and announced his infamous vaccine mandate. Since then, it’s continued to drop. Some polls have it as low as 36%, with his disapproval near a staggering 60%. Has Joe tried to do anything to remedy this? Nope.

In fact, he is so out of touch, he claims he’ll run again in 2014.

President Joe Biden intends to run for reelection in 2024, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday.

“That’s his intention,” Psaki told reporters, which confirmed reports that Biden had told advisers and staff that he was planning on running for reelection, The Hill reported…

Although it’s possible that Biden’s reelection plans could change in the next two years, The Hill reported that sources close to the president say that since he took office this year, he’s planning on campaigning for a second term. [Source: Just the News]

Have we ever had a president this delusional? Most people don’t even think Biden will be in office by 2024–given his advanced age and declining healthy. If that doesn’t stop him, his terrible approval will. Yet Biden thinks that not only is he a success, but that he’s successful enough to win reelection.

This man really is living in a fantasy land. Do his handlers bother to show him his terrible polling numbers (from the liberal media)? Have they bothered explaining to him that the American people hate him? Does he know what “Let’s go Brandon,” really means?

Biden is doing so poorly, he might doom the entire Democratic Party. We already saw it this year. Longtime Democrat strongholds are getting flipped by Republicans. Hispanic regions in Texas are electing Republicans for the first time. Virginia elected their first Republican governor in years. Heck, even Seattle elected a Republican city attorney.

These things aren’t supposed to happen. But they are, because Americans are disgusted by this failure of a presidential administration. Biden and his staff cannot even handle basic aspects of the job, let alone know how to get us out of crises.

Biden is stumbling left and right. Americans are turning on him in droves. Yet he thinks he can get reelected? He must really trust in election fraud, doesn’t he?

Author: Tom Anderson